Sunday, December 12, 2010

All About Me...In 30 Days! Day 21

all about me
Day 21 - a hobby of yours...

Does collecting cloth diapers count? Haha! Just kidding...kinda. I think hubby thinks I am collecting them for my hobby! ;) But, I do think that while that may be one of my hobby's, I really love taking pictures. I love when I get to take my big, digital Nikon out to play and take tons of pictures! I love taking pictures of little man, hubby, nature, places we go, things we do... oh, it's just so much fun! I may not be "professional" or have much schooling in photography (or editing them, haha!), but I sure do have fun with that camera and looking at the world through the lens. Taking pictures of memories is definitely my favorite hobby. :)

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