Sunday, October 28, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal: 35 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  35 Weeks!

Holy Baby Bump Batman! It just keeps getting bigger and bigger! At 35 weeks, our baby coconut weighs approximately 4.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. Out little guy won't be getting too much longer until his birth, but he is working on plumping up! He still has another pound (or so) to add on before birth and I can expect to gain about a half-pound (or more, in my case) a week until baby arrives. Another fun development is that our little baby boy's hearing is now fully developed  and he may even respond to high-pitched noises. 
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  I definitely have to go to the bathroom a lot! It can be pretty annoying....oh well, when you gotta go, you gotta go!  I also have been getting a mild nauseous feeling that sometimes strikes in the morning, but it is most common at night. I'm not sure why, but I have read that you can feel nauseous and get diarrhea/flu symptoms the closer to delivery you get. I read that it your body's way of "cleaning" things out. Lovely, huh? Either way, I don't really like the upset tummy that I get, but tea does seem to help calm my tummy down. Also, at night when I am in bed, I get fairly achy in my lower back and my legs feel restless. Going to the chiropractor twice this week helped me sleep really well on the days that I had adjustments. Taking a bath in the evening, before bed, has really helped too and it's so relaxing!
Weight Gain: I am up to 161.8lbs - adding 36.8lbs onto my starting weight!  

Cravings: Not really craving anything right now. 

Food Aversions: No food aversions either. Just trying to make sure I eat plenty throughout the day to keep my energy and protein levels up....even though I don't really feel like doing much cooking.

What made me cry this week:  I think I got a little misty when I was talking to hubby about this birth and how it will be different than little man's. I know everyone says that their heart just grows when a new little one is born, but it can be kind of hard to imagine how that is actually going to play out. I was feeling like I don't want to leave little man out or be too busy or engrossed when the new baby is here!

Medical Stuff: Hubby and I went to a Birth Details class at the midwife office this week and had an appointment with our midwife. The Birth Details class was great - they went over some of the finer details of our birth. They talked about our birth kits that we got (a bag filled with all the goodies that we might need), a more detailed talk about when to call the midwives/show up at the birthing center, things to bring, birthing in the tub, reasons and "code" speak to the hubbies when they need to do something now, why there might be a transfer to a hospital (non-emergency vs emergency), what happens after your little one is born and more! They answered any questions we had and also showed us the medical equipment that they did have...just in case ! 
The next day we were back for our midwife appointment! I had my GBS (group B strep) test and I should find out this coming week whether or not I have GBS. (I sure hope not!) We got a chance to talk with our midwife about our birth plan and the things that we do or do not want at our birth or right after. It is so nice that their standard of care lines up so perfectly with things that we want (or don't want). I just love how caring our midwife is and how their goal is to make it the perfect experience for us! I got a couple more herbal supplements to add to my vitamin routine. Now I am taking Evening Primrose Oil and an herbal supplement called Birth Prep. They also recommended that I keep drinking red raspberry leaf tea. It was a really good appointment and now I will be going to see the midwife every week! Time is flying by!  

Thoughts from little man:  He hasn't talked much about his little brother this week. He has talked a lot more about wanting to be little again or that he wants to sleep in the crib. I think he is definitely trying to adjust and is trying to find ways to cope with change that is coming. He is also way more connected with his daddy this week. He would much rather do things with his daddy than mommy, unless he gets a boo-boo or is sad (then only mommy will do). It makes me a little sad that he would prefer his daddy to me, but at the same time it makes me happy to see them have to much fun together and that he loves his daddy so much!

Something I am excited about: We have a doula! Yay! It is so nice to know that we will have another helper/coach at our birth. She is still a "doula in training", but she has given birth 3 times and has helped a lot of her friends with their birth. I am also excited that we get to go to the midwife every week! I love going there and am happy to see everyone in the office more often! 

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Avishi Organics Giveaway {US Only}

I posted my review of the Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil a few days ago and I am excited to share with you that you can now enter to win a bottle to use on your own skin! Good luck and I hope that it will help to nourish your skin and keep the pregnant itchiness and those pesky stretch marks away!

You can BUY the Intensive Repair Oil directly from the Avishi Organics website. (ARV $38.50)


  You can enter to WIN a bottle of Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil

***Giveaway is open to U.S. residents only. Entrants must be 18+ years old. One entry per household. The winner has 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.***
Giveaway will end November 4th  at 12:01am EST.
Entries go in the Rafflecopter form below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway
Thank you to Avishi Organics for providing me with the opportunity to host this giveaway at no cost to myself. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Avishi Organics for sponsoring this giveaway !

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Nordic Naturals: Prenatal DHA Review

It is so important to increase your intake of DHA while pregnant and breastfeeding. It has been shown that DHA helps to support the healthy development of a baby's brain, eyes, nervous system and immune system while developing in the womb, it may be helpful in lowering a mother's risk for early labor and it can also help to elevate your mood and soothe nerves (which can be especially helpful after baby arrives). Getting enough DHA in your diet during both pregnancy and while breastfeeding is so important, as your body is working extra hard to grow and nourish your baby. 
I have had the wonderful opportunity to review Nordic Naturals in the past and I truly appreciate the care and quality that goes into all of their products. Not only does Nordic Naturals have high standards when it comes to their products, but they also use eco-responsible business practices and sustainable fishing practices. Nordic Naturals is the leading supplier of omega oil supplements and they are committed to providing the safest and most effective omega oils. Their high standards continue right into their Prenatal DHA supplement. The Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA has even had the honor of being named the official prenatal DHA supplement of the American Pregnancy Association.  
I was thrilled to receive a bottle of the Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA. It was an easy supplement to add to my daily vitamin and supplement routine and found that it was both easy on my stomach and easy to swallow. I simply needed to take two of the soft gel pills daily and it provided me with 450 mg of DHA (which goes above and beyond the recommended minimum dose of 300 mg a day).
This is such an easy way to add DHA to my diet! I know how important it is to get plenty of DHA in my diet while I am pregnant and also after pregnancy, when I am breastfeeding. I can't eat fish every day (and probably shouldn't, due to the risk of mercury in some fish!) and this is a simple way to make sure that I am balancing my diet and providing my new little baby with plenty of good DHA's while he is growing. These supplements are a nice, easy size to take and have no scent or smell to them. I am thankful to have gotten the chance to take them during my pregnancy and I know that I will continue to take them after our little boy is born and I am breastfeeding! I would definitely recommend these to anyone who is pregnant an breastfeeding!

Pregnant or breastfeeding? Interested in having some of the Nordic Naturals Prenatal DHA to add to your vitamin and supplement routine? You can BUY the Prenatal DHA directly from the Nordic Naturals website. (ARV $28.95 for 90 soft gels)

You can also connect with Nordic Naturals though Facebook and Twitter!

Thank you to Nordic Naturals for providing me with the opportunity to host this review at no cost to myself. The item was sent to me free of charge for review and has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Nordic Naturals for sponsoring this review!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Avishi Organics Review! {Giveaway Coming Soon!}

Avishi Organics was developed by a mother who was having a difficult time finding products that were non-toxic, therapeutic and effective at soothing and repairing skin. Avishi Organics was developed with the mindset of being 100% pure, concentrated in an effort to deliver the maximum benefit, using traditionally revered and therapeutic ingredients and most importantly, using ingredients that worked!

The Mission of Avishi Organics:
"We believe that healthy skin for mamas and babies can be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals found in typical skincare products. And we believe that natural formulations can be potent, effective and results-driven. Purity matters, but so do results.  That is why our products are made from 100% natural ingredients that are renowned for their therapeutic and regenerative powers for skin that is radiant and glowing with good-health."
I was so happy to be able to review the Avishi Organic Intensive Repair Oil and it truly came at the perfect time! I have been using it for almost 2 months and it has been really soothing. Initially, I used it once a day, usually before bed time. Once a day was definitely plenty to keep my skin free of itchy-ness. Hubby even commented the other day at how smooth and nice my belly looked. :) I am starting to notice though, that as cooler weather is starting to settle in, my belly is getting a little itchy on the sides. I think it is time to start upping my usage to twice a day! 

I have actually had stretch marks since the end of high school. I don't know why I got them then, but I did. They decided to make their appearance on my inner thighs and my butt. It has never really bothered me, because no one really sees that area (well, except for hubby, of course). With my first pregnancy, I didn't notice any more stretch marks, but with this pregnancy I sure have! They seemed to grow and spread right away too! Within the first trimester I noticed that I had stretch marks on my hips and even more on my butt. So, I have definitely been working on that area with the Intensive Repair Oil! I would say that I haven't noticed that they've gone away, but they're no longer spreading (which is good!). I also think that the newer ones on my hips aren't quite as noticeable anymore. I know it's vanity to not want the stretch marks, but gosh darn it, I was ok with a few on my inner thigh and butt, but once they started creeping up my hips, my self-consciousness really kicked in. I'm still working on accepting them. ;) I am thankful that the Intensive Repair Oil seems to be helping my skin be more elastic and nourished as it stretches, since I haven't noticed any new stretch marks since I've started using it. My hope is that as I continue to use it, my skin will just keep looking nicer and nicer! 
I really like how quickly it absorbs and feels like it has dried into my skin. It goes on quickly and I haven't had any issues with it transferring to my clothing. It also has a very nice and light lavender scent to it that is very soothing. Another use that I found for it is for the skin on my face. I have always had oily skin. I mean, it looks like there is an oil slick on my face by the afternoon. Blech. It was never fun, but I knew how to deal with oily skin and manage it, fairly well. Over the past couple of months though, I have noticed that my skin is getting drier and drier! Then I noticed dry, flaky, red patches - especially on my cheeks and forehead! I was at a loss of how to relieve my skin, when one day, I happened to glance at the box that my Intensive Repair Oil came in and I saw that it could be used on "dry, dull. uneven facial skin". Hello! Why had I not noticed that before? I was actually really nervous to put an "oil" product on my face, since I had dealt with oily skin for so long, but my skin was in some serious need of help. So, I put some on my fingertips and gently rubbed it in and my skin just slurped it up! I was actually in a bit of shock that my skin was that dry. I use it almost every evening and have definitely noticed a difference in the skin on my face. The redness is simmering down and the dry, flaky skin is starting to look better too! I'm just sorry that it took about a month of using it on the rest of my prego body before I realized that I could use it on my face.
I really love that I can feel good about using the Avishi Organics on my skin while I am pregnant and also continue to use it while nursing and postpartum. The Intensive Repait Oil is free of "synthetic fragrances, parabens, ureas, petrochemicals, sulfates, mineral oil, DEA/MEA/TEA, synthetic colors and other harmful additives." I really appreciate that they have chosen to create a product to really nourish and heal skin, in a healthy and safe way. It feels good knowing that what I am putting on my body won't harm myself or my new little guy!
Interested in having some of Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil to pamper your growing belly with? You can BUY the Intensive Repair Oil directly from the Avishi Organics website. (ARV $38.50)

You can also connect with Avishi Organics though Facebook, Twitter and their Blog!

Thank you to Avishi Organics for providing me with the opportunity to host this review at no cost to myself. The item was sent to me free of charge for review and has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Avishi Organics for sponsoring this review!

Friday, October 19, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal: 34 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  34 Weeks!

Less than 2 months to go!!! At 34 weeks, baby boy has graduated to the size of a butternut squash. He is weighs approximately 4.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. Not much change, weight-wise since last week, but he's making up for that in other ways! When he is awake, our baby butternut can hear my voice fairly well and some say that the music they hear while they are on the "inside" can help soothe them once they are on the "outside". No wonder little man is such a big Beatles fan! We'll see if baby boy #2 is a fan of Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band. :) He may also be making his way further down into my pelvis this week. Although, I think he is just growing out - my belly seems to really be popping out! 
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  Some common symptoms at this point are fatigue, swollen ankles & feet, pressure lower in the pelvis and blurry vision. Well, I have some of the fatigue and pressure in my lower pelvis for sure (and by lower pelvis, I mean my bladder!). I have to go to the bathroom more and more often. Usually it goes something like this: Oh, hmmm... I kinda have to go to the bathroom, again. Well, I just went, maybe I can wait a little longer. (2 minutes later) Nope, I need to go now
I am definitely more tired in the evenings and mornings. I find myself ready to shut my brain down and go curl up in bed much earlier than I'm used too. Although, once I'm in bed, I have a hard time actually getting comfortable and going to sleep. I'm waking up a couple times throughout the night to go to the bathroom, so by the time little man comes into our room to ask us if it's morning yet...I'm still sooo sleepy! It has been nice having hubby back home from traveling for work, because he will usually take little man downstairs and let me get some extra zzzz's. I love it! Other than that, I have gotten heartburn 3 times this week and headaches that accompany them. I have never really had heartburn and it is definitely no fun! A cup of red raspberry leaf tea usually helps soothe it though. Then a soak in the tub or a neck rub from hubby will help to get rid of the headache. Thankfully I haven't experienced any swollen feet or ankles or blurred vision (although all I need to do is take out  my contacts for that, haha!) I am so thankful that while I am experiencing some discomfort, I really have had an easy pregnancy and pretty minimal symptoms!

Weight Gain: I am up to 159.9lbs. and have gained 34.9lbs so far! This last time I stepped on the scale, I decided that I not longer like it and informed the scale that it is no longer my friend. ;) 

Cravings: Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Oranges top the list right now and we are headed to the farmers market tomorrow to see what kind of citrus I can find. Also, dairy sounds pretty good to me too, like cottage cheese or kefir. 

Food Aversions: Not too many. While I am craving some dairy products, yogurt doesn't sound too great to me. Also, eggs are still iffy. I like eating them in the morning, they just can't be plain. I need an english muffin and avocado with it or in a tortilla with salsa or as a quiche. Something to disguise the "egg-iness".
What made me cry this week:  I actually did really well this week! Maybe it is because hubby has been home for a bit now. :)

Medical Stuff: Nothing new. I have my next midwife appointment on Tuesday though!  

Thoughts from little man:  He continues to talk about my "big belly" and give it pats. It sometimes turns into a hill for his submarine to drive on too! Little man is talking a bit more about his new little brother in mommy's belly. Sometimes he seems happy about it and then sometimes he goes through times of denial that a baby is coming. A few times, he has said that he wants to be a baby again - "I'm not a big boy, I'm a baby!" or that he wants to wear diapers again. I think he sees us getting the crib ready and the diapers and clothes coming out and knows that change is coming. I think it's pretty normal, but we try to reassure him that we love him and that he'll always be my baby, even if he's not tiny anymore. Then he'll turn the tides and say, "I'm not a baby!" ...hmmmm, I think he's just being 2! :) Haha!

Something I am excited about: Working on the nursery, drawing out some plans for where things are going to go, scouring Pinterest for diy projects! I feel like a have a list a mile long of things that I want to do and decorate. It all seems completely possible to accomplish (even though I know in my head that, logically, doing all of that is not actually feasible). I think that is just part of my nesting stage. I love the nesting feeling! 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal: 33 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  33 Weeks!
This week, baby boy is about the size of a durian (a what?!?). As a side not, since I was curious, a durian is a fruit native to Indonesia and is known as the "king of fruits". It is distinctive for its large size, unique (some call it unpleasant) smell, and thorn-covered husk. my son is being compared to s stinky, spikey fruit! Funny that they couldn't find a "nicer" fruit or veggie to compare him too. :)  He currently weighs about 4.2 to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. This week he may grow as much as a full inch! I guess that means my bump will be getting even bigger! Oh my! When awake, little baby boy keeps his eyes open and he is practicing how to coordinate his breathing with sucking and swallowing! Busy little boy! Good practice though for when he is on the outside and nursing. His bones are also continuing to harden and little baby's brain is going through some major developments! So many fascinating and amazing things are going on! Our little boy is hard at work! 
(This is a durian!)
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  I am still feeling our little boy move and roll about like crazy! He seems to be doing more rolling than kicking this week. It also seems that our little guy has been getting the hiccups a lot lately! It feels so funny - like tiny rhythmic tapping! Also with all of his rolling, I can really see my belly move and change shape. It definitely looks odd as I watch! My belly button is getting flatter as well. It won't be long now until it is completely flat! My need to go to the bathroom is increasing, a lot! Sometimes, I feel like I am going every 20-30 minutes! It is definitely the most bothersome at night when I am trying to get to sleep! The other evening, I went 4 times before falling asleep! I am also getting a little tired of elastic waistbands, haha! You know the panel ones that pull up about half-way on your belly. The ones that are supposed to keep your pants up and where they belong. They just don't seem to work right on me and are constantly slipping down. So, I end up pulling up and yanking at my pants throughout the day...real cute, huh? I miss the days of pants that had belt loops and a button and stayed up on my waist! Sigh... In general though, things aren't that difficult, it's just that my belly seems to be getting in the way! 

Weight Gain: I am up to 158.8lbs. I have gained 33.8lbs so far! With little man I gained 42lbs (I think), so we'll see how much more weight I gain. It does feel like I am gaining weight differently this time though. I feel like my belly is bigger and that I have gained more in the "love-handle" area and down through my thighs. I am trying to do yoga a little more consistently. I was watching a prenatal yoga video on Netflix on Demand, but they took it off! Boo! So, I splurged and bought myself a prenatal dvd. It's a bit long, but the stretching and poses are really helpful. At first I felt kind of silly doing it. The poses and stretches are different as well as it is a bit "earthier" and more meditative than the previous one that I watched that was just exercise based. But, after doing it, I realized how helpful it was and how good it is for me to relax (or at least try to while little man is playing around me while I do yoga). I also finally came to the realization that no one is watching me, so who cares if I feel like it's silly! I think it will really be helpful and am trying to do it more often!

Cravings: If one can actually crave protein, I am! I don't feel like I have much room for food, but I just feel the need to eat protein. Nothing in particular though. I can definitely feel it if I don't have enough protein. I have also been wanting fruit a lot! I have been buying a lot of apples and grapes lately. :) Cold, crisp apples and cold grapes....mmmmm! 

Food Aversions: Not really having food aversions, but rather it is the aversion to take the time to make some foods. Then there is the creating process, which for me is usually fairly messy. :) I love making things from scratch, but that usually means using a lot of dishes...and clean-up isn't very much fun. So, some days, I definitely have an aversion to the process of cooking, rather than the food itself. I am having a slight aversion to making eggs. I try to eat eggs for breakfast for the protein, but I am just getting a little bored of eggs.
What made me cry this week:  I did a bit better this week. I have gotten pretty sad when little man has a tantrum/is angry/doesn't know how to express himself. Maybe he knows change is happening and is having a hard time with it, maybe he is having a hard time as he is getting older and entering a new developmental stage...I don't know. But, sometimes he just gets so overcome with emotion! I feel bad, because sometimes I just don't know what to do for him. It was a little overwhelming this week and I got a bit teary eyed when he seemed so angry. But, I read a couple of really helpful articles about two year olds and gentle parenting solutions. Today it went so much smoother and calmer. It's still no fun to go through these emotional outbursts with him, but I'll take progress as it comes- one small step at a time!

Medical Stuff: Nothing really new on the medical side, since I don't have another appointment until the 23rd. But I am feeling pretty healthy!  

Thoughts from little man:  He has started talking about my belly. I feel like he is finally noticing it, haha! He says those sweet, endearing things that only a child can get away with! He has asked me things like, "Mama, is your belly big?" Thanks little man. Yes, that is mama's big belly. ;) He also likes to pat it on occasion and the other day, while we were sitting at the table together, he asked if he could kiss my belly. Awwww...melt my heart!

Something I am excited about: Looking for a doula! Our birthing center only has 2 right now that are still working on their certifications, so they attend births for free. I am really, really hoping that one of them is available to attend our birth!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Bumps to Babies - A November Review & Giveaway Event! {Coming Soon}


The weeks and months seem like they are just flying by during this pregnancy! November will be here before we know it and it will be a very exciting time for me, here at The Little Hedgehog and also for Brittany, from The Pistachio Project! We are both expecting new little bundles of joy to make their big debut in November! Brittany is due with baby #4, a little girl, who is due November 17th. I am due with baby #2, a little boy on November 25th!

Not only will this be a exciting time for us and our families, as we welcome our newest additions to our families, but this will also be a fun and exciting time for you, our lovely readers! Throughout the month of November we will be sharing reviews and hosting giveaways as part of the Bumps to Babies event! We have some wonderful reviews and giveaways lined up with some fabulous items for new mamas and of course, some awesome newborn necessities! 

Some of the wonderful companies that are partnering with us are:

Baby K'Tan
San Diego Bebe
Swaddle Designs
Udder Covers
The Little Bee Co.
Bebe Au Lait
Eddie Bauer
SweatPea Maternity
Undercover Mama
...and more!

Excited yet?!? We are too! We are truly thankful that there are so many companies that want to celebrate this wonderful life event with us! Make sure you stay connected with The Little Hedgehog and The Pistachio Project so that you don't miss out! The Bumps to Babies event will be starting November 1, 2012!


If you are a company with baby related and/or nursing items and would like to partner with us for this event, we would love for you to contact either one of us!


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My Pregnancy Journal: 32 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  32 Weeks!
CHEESE! Little man had to hop in on the picture!
This week, baby boy is about the size of a squash! (how appropriate for fall) He currently weighs about 2.5 to 3.8 pounds and is measuring about 15.2 to 16.7 inches! At my appointment with my midwife today, I was measuring at exactly 32 weeks - looks like we're right on schedule! Our little guy is still in the head down position. It really is amazing to think about how my body is getting ready to birth our little boy!  
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  I have been continuing to have braxton hicks contractions. I have definitely noticed them more with this pregnancy than I did with little man. Baby boy is still as active as ever, especially at night! He rolls and kicks and I can see my belly move! It is pretty awesome and I love to feel him move...except at 1 am, when I am trying to sleep and he decides to punch at my bladder. One new thing- my belly button is kind of an innie/outie. Haha! The upper part is kind of popped out and the lower part is still an innie. It's kind of odd that it's not very even. With little man, my belly button went we shall see what happens this time by the end of my pregnancy! My lower back still gets achey and a pinched feeling sometimes. I am pretty sure it is when baby boy somehow manages to get my sciatic nerve in a pinch. Overall though, I can't complain. I feel like I am having a pretty healthy pregnancy. 
Yup, this is looking down my belly!

Weight Gain: I am up to 158.1lbs. My feet have definitely disappeared when I look down! 

Cravings: Nothing really, actually. I do have to make sure that I eat enough protein and snacks throughout the day. I feel like I can't fit as much foot in my belly, so I have to remember to eat protein and/or fuit & veggie snacks, because I can definitely feel when my protein levels aren't where they should be. It was kind of sad the other day - I was eating dinner and I still felt really hungry, but I just couldn't fit any more food in my belly! It was quite an odd predicament. Hungry, but no room for food! So, I waited about an hour and then had another snack. :) 

Food Aversions: No food aversions!
What made me cry this week:  So, I think I have amnesia when it comes to crying. I have totally forgotten about a couple things that made me cry. At least I like to dwell on the positive, right?! This week I picked up hubby from one airport, then we had to drive to another airport to get his truck. :p After we dropped him off at his truck, it was just little man and I in the car. I ended up going the wrong way down one street and my gps would not update which way I needed to go to get to the freeway. Little man was clamoring for snacks (loudly). I tried to reach back to him and give him some animal crackers. I missed and the last of them fell on the seat next to him! Argh! He wanted more snacks and wouldn't stop asking for food! I couldn't figure out where to go and darn it all, I lost it! I told little man, mommy is lost, I didn't have any snacks and I needed him to be quiet. I then proceeded to cry. I turned the car around, found the freeway, found little man's leftover pb&j sandwich that I was able to pass back to him and there was peace again. I felt so silly! I also was happy to find that with little man in the car, that I could hop over into the carpool lane...which did help me get home faster. Sigh, I feel like I've been rather emotional lately and that the littlest things make me tear up.

Medical Stuff: I had my 32 week midwife appointment today! From here on out, I will be going to see my midwife every two weeks! Yay! I am so glad to see them more often and it really feels like our little guys due date is almost here! He is measuring well, his heartbeat is strong and he is still in the head-down position! One thing that I thought was really interesting, was that my midwife recommended that I stop taking my DHA (which they have found can make pregnancies go past their due date) and start taking probiotics, vitamin C, Zinc and Ecchinacea. They have found that this combination can help to reduce the incidence of GBS. It would be wonderful to have a negative GBS culture! I also really like that my midwife would rather try some herbal and vitamin remedies, rather than just give me antibiotics regardless of test results!

Thoughts from little man:  He has started talking more about his baby brother! He has also been using my belly as a road for his cars.  ;)

Something I am excited about: Going to the midwife more often and at my next appointment we will get to talk about some of my wishes and hopes for this birth (pretty much going over my birth plan)!

Monday, October 1, 2012

Nursery Inspiration

One of the things I think is exciting about preparing for a new baby bundle is decorating the nursery! I know our little one will be sleeping in our room for awhile, but it is just so fun to decorate and create a little nest!

I have been creating a Nursery board on Pinterest for, oh....forever! So, I wanted to share some of the ideas I've been thinking about using in our little boys room!

We are decorating our little guys room in yellow, gray and white!

 I love this fabric from Cloud 9 and it was the inspiration for the shades of yellow and gray in the room!

The fabric is organic too!

 These are two of my favorite prints/quotes for our little guys room!

 I feel like with both little man and our new little baby boy, that there were quotes and bible verses that just seemed like they "fit" our boys before they were even born. For little man, I loved the Winnie the Pooh quote, "Always Remember You Are Braver Than You Believe, Stronger Than You Seem, And Smarter Than You Think" and Psalm 139: 13-14, "For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb. I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made; your works are wonderful..." For our new little guy, I really love the two quotes above and Jeremiah 1:5, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart..." I really like having specific quotes for them and it feels really special - as if somehow they are just right for their lives. 

Here is some more ideas that I have "pinned" for decorations:
Credit: Chic.Home.Baby
 I just love this room! The gray dresser, the frames on the wall, the lamp, the pillow!
Credit: Project Nursery
 I know that this is for a girls room... but the frame arrangement over the crib is great! I really like a mix of frame styles and a "random" layout.

Credit: Cape 27
The bookcase/changing table is awesome - it is from Ikea with some modifications! I had no idea that you could add drawers to the bookshelves! Will wonders never cease! I love Pinterest and that so many people share their genius ideas. The combo of drawers and shelf space is just perfect and the frames with fabric inside them are a great idea too!

Credit: Sarah Ortega
 Yarn wrapped letters! Such a good idea!

Credit: Land of Nod
Awesome lamp... completely ridiculous price.

Credit: Design Dazzle
I really like the handmade baby mobile!

So, there you have it! Some of my favorite "pins" and where some of my inspiration has come from! If you would like to see more ideas that I have for the nursery, you can check out my Nursery Pinterest Board! I will definitely be sharing the "Big Reveal" of our new nursery... once it is done. :)