Saturday, December 4, 2010

All About Me...30 Day Challende! Day 12

all about me
Day 12 - something you are OCD about...

Oh boy, haha! I don't know... (I'm sure my hubby might say differently, like that I must be OCD about using every pot and pan and making a mess when I cook) I think that I get moments or spurts of OCD-ness. Like, if ants are invading our home one room at a time, like they are right now, I'm kinda nuts about cleaning wherever there germ-y little feet have been. I just deep cleaned our coffee maker because I opened it yesterday and found ants crawling in it...ewwwy!

Then, when I sit down to tackle a project, I'd say I'm a little OCD about making sure I have everything I could possibly ever need for that project before I start and I always want my projects to turn out "perfectly". Geesh, I can beat  myself up over something because I don't think I did a good enough job. I'm also a bit OCD about page layouts and photo editing. I have to keep that one in check because I could spend hours moving something around a page or tweaking a photo. So, sometimes I have to tell myself it looks just fine and no one will notice! Otherwise I'll still be at my computer at 1:00 AM trying to get a photo's contrast juuuust right. I'll tell myself, Just upload the photo and order it already girly! Haha! So, I'll leave it at that...I'm mildly OCD when the occasion strikes me to be.

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