Wednesday, March 30, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday - Big Butt Pants

Little man is one lucky little dude. He has a Gramma who likes loves to sew! My mom has been making some cloth diaper compatible pants for little man using The Big Butt Baby Pants Sewing Pattern from Made By Rae. They are wonderful! There is plenty of room for his fluffy little booty!

Look at all that comfy roomy-ness!

I love the snail fabric on the cuff/trim!
Baby on the move!

Little man's newest dance move - we call it "Happy Feet"!
Lucky little man has three pairs already and I'm sure Gramma has more cuteness up her sleeves! ;) My mom came for a visit recently and had made these pants complete with a matching snail tile on a coordinating onesie! 

I think the pants and onesie look like a spring day! They are perfect for being out in the yard and falling in the dirt while chasing a ball...oh wait, we did that about 10 minutes after taking these pictures!  

Thanks Mama/Gramma! Happy Wednesday everyone!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Ecomom's Healthy Home Makeover Contest!

 I love Ecomom - they are a fabulous eco-conscious company with wonderful customer service, they have a wealth of green tips and products on their site. I love shopping on the Ecomom site, because I know that what I buy from their site will be a quality item that is safe for my family and home. They are truly a company that I can stand behind.

Have you been to the Ecomom website lately? Did you notice that they recently got a new look for their site! Well, along with the launch of the new Ecomom site comes some celebration - the Healthy Home Makeover Contest! Ecomom is kicking off their celebration with a huge event that begins March 28, 2011 and ends on Sunday, April 24, 2011. The Healthy Home Makeover Contest will "...transform a lucky family's home with $75,000 worth of eco-friendly, money saving, healthy products including appliances, organic foods, skincare, water filters, toys, home decor, cleaning products and more." The grand prize will be custom created by ecomom's team of experts just for the winner! How wonderful would that be! It would be like swimming in a sea of eco-friendly goodness! I know I would be one happy mama!!! 

Want to enter for your chance to win a Healthy Home Makeover! Well, here's what you need to do:
  • Upload a picture of your family and tell Ecomom, in 100 words or less, "Why I Want to Win Ecomoms Healthy Home Makeover."
  • Share with friends and family to get votes
Pretty easy huh? 

At the end of the contest, the 20 families with the most votes will be judged by the Ecomom panel of experts and they will pick the very lucky winner of the Healthy Home Makeover.

I have already put my entry in! You should too! If you decide to enter because you read about this contest on my blog, I would love it if you would let Ecomom you heard about their contest here and enter my blogs name (The Little Hedgehog - ) on your entry form. If you leave me a comment, I would be more than happy to go and vote for a fellow reader! I would also really appreciate it if you would head over and read my entry and vote for me!  

Good luck to all of my readers who enter this contest!  

enter contest

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Wordless Wednesday - Moo

Little man was so cute, he was just sitting, "reading" his book about the farm and saying "Moo" while he pointed to the cow!

Then he practiced opening and closing the barn doors. 

I think we will need to take a trip to a farm to see a cow up close so he can "Moo" with the cows!

Happy Wednesday!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

St. Patrick's Day

(photo credit - quote added.)

I hope that everyone had a fun and festive St. Patrick's Day! I made little man a new shirt for the occasion!

...I think he was rather pleased with his new shirt! 

 We had a fun day full of laughter, family time and general mischief!


Lucky mama steals a kiss from her little leprechaun! 

We ended up the day with a dinner of corned beef, cabbage, potatoes and carrots...Mmmm! (thank you handy, dandy crock-pot!) 

What did you do for St. Patrick's Day? Did the leprechauns turn any of your food green? Did they stir up some mischief or did you enjoy a day full of luck?

Wednesday, March 16, 2011


The winner from the Doopsy Pocket Insert giveaway is comment #78 - aperry!

Thank you to everyone who entered this giveaway and a big thank you to Doospy and Baby Eco Mart for this wonderful giveaway!


Wordless Wednesday: A Blast From the Past

I thought I would share a picture of me as a little kiddo with you all! This is my brother and I (we were a happy bunch, huh?) with our dad and our first dog, Lucy...and of course Mr. and Mrs. Pumpkin. My dad recently sent me this picture and when I saw it, I could see so much of my brother in my little man! 

Happy Wednesday!

Friday, March 11, 2011

My Baby Wears AppleCheeks ...Does Yours?

I love little man in his AppleCheeks! They're cute and colorful, fluffy and absorbent, it can be used as a cover with  inserts or as all in one diapers, and I just looove the elastic ruffle (can I say ruffle, since it's my son that uses these diapers?) that keeps everything in the diaper!

Little man loves to "read" in his AppleCheeks!

I have Lemon Zest and Orange Zest in little man's stash. Next on my list of "have-to-have" colors are Dark Chocolate and St. Lucia!

AppleCheeks is doing a fun blog hop of babies who wear AppleCheeks! Head on over there and join in if your baby likes to sport some AppleCheeks!

My Precious Kid - the best in baby gear for your little one

We have recently "expanded" little man's space. We wanted to give him some more freedom and be able to spend more time between mama's legs in the kitchen! Haha! Now we just have the front living room and stairs gated off and boy does he love it! Little man is running and exploring every square inch of available free space. With these new found freedom, also comes some new safety worries. We have all the "dangerous" cupboards (you know, those with cleaners, electrical things, breakables, sharp objects) equipped with baby locks and the outlets covered. But, I have found that he is going to figure out how to open the oven soon, it won't be long until he can reach to the stove top and that the bottom freezer sure is tempting for him to try to figure out how to open! So, there are definitely still some things I would like to add to our baby safety collection. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind that he gets into the pot holder and towel drawers and pulls them out. I don't mind that I find toys tucked in with the cookie sheets and tupperware (I actually think it is kinda cute). Still, sometimes, it would be nice if he couldn't get into some of those drawers or leave his fingerprints all over the tv. 
I recently found out about a site called, My Precious Kid (which I discovered through Facebook) and they specialize in the best in baby gear for your little one. Their mission is to "Make Child Safety Easy"! They really have a wonderful selection of Home Safety products. I was looking through their site and I would love to get these nice Outlet Covers! we currently use the cheap-o plugs and when you take them out to plug something in, you have to remember to put them out of little mans reach because they're a choking hazard!

Here's a little info from their website - CHILD SAFETY & BABY GEAR STORE
My Precious Kid Child protect your children and give you peace of mind. We have products for your baby, children, adults, pets, the elderly, and children with special needs. Is your child safe and protected? Lets us help protect your family. Child Safety is our priority!

My Precious Kid Child protect your children and give you peace of mind. We have products for your baby, children, adults, pets, the elderly, and children with special needs. carries wearable ID bracelets for children plus products for childproofing, baby gear, potty training, cloth diapers, home safety, baby sleep, baby feeding and safety education. We carry cloth diaper brands: Blueberry, Swaddlebees, Weehuggers, Knickernappies, Thirsties, BumGenus, and Flip. We have baby carrier brands: Ergo Baby, Moby Wrap and Baby K'Tan. We also carry Sunshine Kids Radian Car Seats and Monterey Booster Seats. We “Make Child Safety Easy”.

"The argument can be made that there is no higher parenting priority than to keep our precious children safe. And when it comes to kid safety, is one step ahead of the game. My Precious Kid specializes in child safety products and baby gear." By

My Precious Kid has over so many useful products and their site is also a great resource for doing some safety research! I love that they also sell cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories! I know that I have really appreciated being able to look through their site and hunt for some safety items that we need to help keep little man out of harms way...and of course, there are some things on my wish-list too! 

So if you are on the hunt for gear for your little one, safety items, a new car seat or some new fluffy cloth diapers, make sure you head over to My Precious Kid to do some shopping! You can also stop by their Facebook page - they are very helpful and willing to answer all your questions!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Hey Mom! I've Got a Tongue!

Little man's newest "talent"! He especially loves doing it when he has food in his mouth. I, of course, am happy to mirror him and stick my own tongue out. Haha! I'm such a grown-up, huh? I am sure that I am just fueling the fun!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Shoe Laces...Num, Num!

It was awfully quiet in the backseat.... and when I looked, I saw that it must be snack time! Those look like some tasty shoe laces! 

Happy Wednesday!

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

-CLOSED- Doopsy Pocket Insert Review & Giveaway!

I was recently given the opportunity to review the NEW Doopsy insert! I was really excited to review the new style of insert, since I have the older version of the Doopsy insert as well. I was interested to see how the two would differ and if I liked one more than the other.
NEW Doopsy Pocket Insert
Doopsy diapers and the Doopsy inserts are pretty unique diapers. Not only are they available together as a set, but you can also buy the inserts separately. The inserts have a layer of PUL, which is a super unique feature and it is a great barrier that will help keep your little one and their clothes dry! 
Here is some information from the BabyEcoMart website on the new inserts:

The new Doopsy Pocket Insert comes with 1 Microfiber Insert that is to be stuffed inside the pocket.
  • 1 PUL layer (white, red, pink, baby blue, royal blue)
  • 2 Layers of Bamboo Hemp Terry(70% Bamboo, 30% Hemp)
  • In between the 2 layers of bamboo hemp there is a doopsy microfiber insert that has 4 layers of fabric
  • The Doopsy Pocket Insert can be used with or without the microfiber insert stuffed inside
Available Sizes:
Small = 13"x5"
Medium/Large = 15"x5"

I received a Doopsy Pocket insert in red (which is a fabulous poppy-red color)! I actually don't have a red diaper *gasp!* and this color was so cheery and vibrant that now I want the red diaper to match! 

So, what did I think of the NEW Doopsy insert? Well, first off, I LOVE that they are made in the USA! Yay for products made here in the good ol' US of A! Next, I really like the new insert styling with the bamboo hemp terry on the top and the microfiber insert in the middle. Not only is it easier to stuff than the previous style of insert, but after using it for awhile now, I feel that it is more absorbent than the older styling. 

With both styles of inserts, the PUL layer  is the same and I love that feature. It is a great way to bulk up your diaper with some extra leakage protection for a longer car trip, nap time or overnight. I also like that the pocket insert will fit inside other pocket diapers, which makes it very versatile. 

I found that the new insert style is perfect for nap time! Little man has started taking longer afternoon naps and was starting to wake up with some dampness at the front/top of his diapers or around the legs. When I use the new Doopsy insert at nap times, I haven't had any leaking or wetness problems! It has been great! I know that when he is using this diaper insert that I won't have to worry about a wet baby boy or changing his sheets and mattress cover after he wakes up. (Yay!) In contrast, I have found that the older style insert is better for daytime use when I change little mans diapers more frequently. I'm not sure why, but the older style insert just doesn't seem to hold as much liquid as the newer style.

Overall, I really love the new Doopsy insert! It comes in great colors, it is easy to use and is interchangeable with other diaper brands. It washed and dried well and is a well made pocket insert. Most importantly (for me at least!), it can absorb like nobody's business! It keeps little man happy and dry!

Interested in buying a Doopsy Pocket Insert for your little one's diaper stash? The inserts are normally priced at $9.95, but they are on sale right now for $7.99! Head on over to BabyEcoMart to stock up on some fun colors!


You can WIN a Doopsy Pocket Insert of your very own! One of my readers will win one of the new styles of Doopsy pocket inserts (color choice will be selected by Doopsy).

  Here's how to enter:
Mandatory Entry:
  • First, you must publicly follow my blog via GFC and then head on over to BabyEcoMart and tell me another Doopsy product you would love to try!
*This mandatory entry must be completed for the rest of your entries to be valid. I will be checking/verifying your comments, if you say you signed up for something or did something, you do need to actually do it for it to count as an entry*
Extra Entries:
  •  "Like" Doopsy on Facebook and thank them for the review on The Little Hedgehog. (2 entries) (feel free to include a link to this giveaway!)
  •  Add my button to your blog and leave me a link (2 entries)
  • Follow The Little Hedgehog on Facebook. (1 entry) 
  • Follow me on Twitter: @lttlehedgehog then, comment here with your Twitter ID to get your entry. (1 entry) 
  • Tweet about this giveaway. Comment with a direct link to your tweet so I can see it to get your entry!  You may use this tweet or make up your own:  Enter to #Win a NEW Doopsy Pocket Insert on the @lttlehedgehog blog! {Ends 3/15} #clothdiapers #giveaway  (1 entry per day)
  • Sign up to receive the little hedgehog emails via feedburner and have your subscription verified. (2 entries)
  • Blog about this review/giveaway. Be sure to include a link to this review/giveaway. Comment with a link to your blog post to get your entry! (2 entries)

*Don't forget to put your email address in each comment so I can get a hold of you if you are the lucky winner! If I cannot get a hold of you, I will have to draw another winner! Also, I will check to make sure that the winner filled out the mandatory entry.

Open to the US and Canada!

I'll accept entries until Tuesday, March 15, 2011 at Midnight PST. I'll select a winner using's random number generator, then email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email and if I don't get a response, I will have to choose another winner. Again, make sure you leave your email address in your comment!

*Doopsy will be sending the winner’s prize item to them directly. 

Thank you to Doopsy for providing me with the opportunity to host this review and giveaway at no cost to myself. The item was sent to me free of charge for review and has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Doopsy for sponsoring this review and giveaway!