Tuesday, November 5, 2013

What Does the Fox Say? Choose BabyKicks Diapers, of course! {Basic Pocket Diaper Review}

Ok, so maybe the fox doesn't have anything to say about cloth diapers. But, Riley and I sure do love this diaper! 

I recently had the opportunity to review the BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper in the Limited Edition Outfoxed print with snaps. The BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper is a one size cloth diaper that fits little ones from 7-40lbs. This diaper comes with a soft microfleece inner lining that works to help keep baby dry. This diaper also comes with a super absorbent one size insert is made with 2 layers of microfiber that is made to absorb quickly and then there are 2 layers of  thirsty hemp terry on the other side. Another feature of this BabyKicks diaper is that it is a front stuffing pocket.

I have really enjoyed using this diaper with Riley. I am impressed that with how trim the diaper is. Riley is big enough that I only have to fold over the insert a little, so it doesn't add much bulk. But, I am sure on a tinier baby or newborn, you would have a bit bulkier of an insert to deal with stuffing into the pocket. One thing that I noticed is that this diaper has a bit of a "high-rise" on Riley's little chunky butt cheeks. It's not a big deal, it's purely an aesthetic thing. The diapers elastic hugs his booty well and I haven't had any leaks (that's the important thing). 

One thing that I really like is that the dual sided insert gives you the option to have the hemp's natural fibers against your little ones skin. You can choose to place the hemp side of the insert face side up and on top on the microfleece lining, rather than stuffing the diaper. I like this option, because I find it easier than stuffing the diaper. I have a bit of a hard time getting my hand and the insert into the diaper. (but that could just be me and my big ol' paws) Another bonus with the hemp is that you get all it's naturally occurring anti-microbial, anti-fungal, and anti-bacterial benefits!

Now, I chose to try out the snap closure for the Basic Pocket Diaper, but I have since read on the BabyKicks website that their Velcro versions have a slightly larger pocket openings and may be easier to stuff. They also may be a better fit on chunky babies. I definitely want to try the Velcro version out to compare Snaps vs. Velcro! I do worry that little Riley would be able to pull the Velcro closure open and be "nekkid" in seconds...so I will have to put the Velcro's "stickiness" to the test!

Wondering what to pair with pair with this diaper? 
Styling your Babykicks Outfoxed Diaper is easy and fun with some fox-y tees, toys and accessories! Have fun with it, because really, who wants to cover up that adorable print!

1. Kids Fox Tee from Gnome Enterprises 2. fox wooden teether from littlesaplingtoys 3. Handmade Fox Pillow from Gingiber 4. Cordy Roy Fox from Jellycat 5. BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper in the Outfoxed Print 6. Iron on Fox Shirt PDF from ScrapendipityDesigns 7. Fox Toddler Shirt from Feather4Arrow 8. Fox Mox Leather Moccasins from Happy and The Hectic 9. Red Fox Tote Bag from Sass&Peril     

Overall, I was really impressed with this diaper and what it had to offer. It had a nice trim and snug fit, it was soft and absorbent. There was the option to have natural fibers against Riley's skin and...no leaks! You can buy the BabyKicks Basic Pocket Diaper in the Outfoxed print or another print of color for only $16.50.