Thursday, December 9, 2010

All About Me...In 30 Days! Day 18

all about me
Day 18 - a photo of your favorite memory...

This photo was taken at Downtown Disney in Anaheim, CA. It was June of 2002 and I was visiting some of my college friends during our summer break. We all went to Downtown Disney for the evening and then, last minute we decided to see Lilo & Stitch! It was opening week and there was a GIANT inflatable Stitch outside the was awesome! We were all in line waiting to pay for our tickets and hubby (back when he wasn't my hubby, but just a friend) came up next to me and quietly asked me, "I know I didn't officially ask you out on a date, but could I pay for your ticket and it could kind of be a like a date?" Oh! My heart was a-flutter! I had been hoping he would ask me out pretty much since I met him. :) It was such a fun "first" date - We were with some of our best friends and I love cartoons! We have had many cartoon movie theater dates since then too. :)

Downtown Disney watching Lilo & Stitch...where our "together" story got started!

This picture was taken afterward, we just couldn't resist hugging Stitch! I'm so glad that a friend took a picture of that night! I know, I know, we probably shouldn't have stepped over the roping to hug stitch...
I'm in the center, another friend is on my right and the girl on the left (in the white sweater) became my roommate the next semester and we're still best friends! Such a great night!

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