Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Wordless Wednesday

Only Daddy can make him laugh the hardest!

Upcoming Review to CSN Stores!

I just wanted to post a little teaser for an upcoming review I'll be doing for CSN Stores! CSN Stores is a great site to shop for whatever you are looking for, they have over 200 online stores where you can find everything from cookware to cribs to specific needs such as dining room sets and dog beds! Something for everyone! If you have never been to their site, you will definitely want to go check it out! They have pretty much anything and everything that you could every need or want or if you just need to satisfy that urge to do a little online window shopping! 

If you know me at all, you know that I love to shop! LOVE IT! But, since having my son, I have taken a bit of a shopping hiatus and I spend more of my days at home playing, feeding, going on walks with my son, waiting for nap time to come and go and well, shopping at a typical mall has really gone to the wayside. That is where the internet comes in! I really appreciate the convenience of shopping online now! Even though there is usually a shipping charge, I tend to weigh that charge against the time, gas and energy it would take me to pack my son and all of his diaper bag "necessities" up, get him in the car, drive to wherever we're going, do my shopping and then head home. I'm tired just typing that! Haha! So, I have really come to value the convenience with which I can click through a site during my sons nap time or after he is asleep for the night, do my shopping and have it delivered to my door. Besides, I love mail just about as much as I love to shop. 

So, what will I be reviewing??? Oooh! Good question! Well, I do have to keep you guessing so you'll want to check back, now don't I? Will it be something for my son...I sure do love to shop for him! I usually tell my hubby, "He needs it!" Or will it be something decorative or home improvement-y for our home, which we are in the process of fixing up? Feel free to chime in with any thoughts in a comment below or if you have any suggestions of things you have purchased from CSN and love!

Maybe this play mat for my son?

 Oooh! I'm drooling over this from the dining sets collection! It would be perfect in our kitchens breakfast nook area!

So, go check them out and make sure you check back here to see when I post my review for CSN!

Saturday, June 26, 2010

7 Months of Getting to Know My Little Man! What a Blessing!

It really seems like it was only last month that my son was born! I honestly cannot believe how quickly time has flown by since the moment my son came into this world. I have done my best to savor the moments, even the not so fun ones. I love looking back through the pictures I have of him from the first pictures at the hospital all the way through seven months...he's getting so big! Sometimes I forget that he's not 3 months anymore and while hunting through his closet I have been known to grab a 3 month pair of shorts and think to myself, "These are so big! He'll fit into these!" Then, as I try to wrestle them on onto my sons long and lean body, I have to tell myself that, no, he really isn't 3 months anymore and no matter how big those shorts look, they're not going on him!

At 7 months, my son is learning so much every day. I feel like he really is trying to take the whole world in when he observes things. He has the greatest smile and snortle-laugh and no one can make him laugh like his daddy! He already has an opinion about almost everything and he lets me know what he likes and doesn't like! He loves to sit (with some support) and play "ball" as he launches his toy ball away from himself and then as I put it back in his lap, he loves to pick it up and try to shove it in his mouth. No amount of reasoning can convince him that this toy ball will NOT fit in his mouth. Everything goes in my sons mouth! Haha! He is teething and drooling and every toy within his eyesight belongs in how mouth. I love that he loves being read to! He will reach for his stack of books and I know that he's ready to sit in my lap and listen to story time. That time is precious to me. Sitting might be interesting to my son, but crawling, now that's another story! My little man is not a fan of tummy time, actually, he never has been. I think being on his stomach frustrates him. But, right now, he goes from sitting on my lap to launching himself over my leg to a tummy-time-like position. He is happy there or if I hold his body up over the blanket in said tummy-time-like position. But, if I put him down on his own tummy, cries of protest are not far off! I'm not sure if he's lazy unmotivated or just gets frustrated by the fact that he is not mobile yet. Either way, I'm secretly glad that he's not crawling all over the house yet. Rolling around, he's got that one down, but crawling is not on the menu for him today. All of these things and more make me love and cherish each day that I get to spend with my son. I am so thankful that my husband works so hard so that I can stay home to play, interact and love on my little man. I know I am a lucky mama! 

How my son has grown! From the day he was born, he was full of surprises! He was 2 weeks early and I went into labor out of town! My husband and I were just finishing a photo shoot of my 9 month photos with my best friend who is also a photographer. We were headed down from the mountain and a "pick your own apple/pumpkin farm" when all of a sudden, my water broke! Luckily my husbands family all lived nearby, so we were able to call for directions to the nearest hospital! 
 Guess I was in labor and didn't know it!

12 hours later, Michael was born on November 12, 2009!  

Back home for good after having to go back to the hospital when he was 4 days old for severe jaundice. :(
Snuggling with grandpa at only 13 days old!

One Month old

Two Months old (little blurry, but there's that smile!)

Thee Months old

Four Months old (and his first day in a cloth diaper! A BG 3.0)

Five Months (wearing a onesie that says: Does this diaper make my butt look big")

Six Months old (and the first time going to the pool!)

Seven Months old (and playing with his ball!)

My husband and I are so wonderfully blessed and we are so amazed by Michael! We love our little man so much and have cherished all the smiles, cuddles, feeding times, play times, bath time is one of the most fun parts of the day, along with the nightly reading of "I Love You Stinky Face" and yes, I even have a fond place in my heart for the tears and sleepless nights... 
I can not believe that Michael has been on the "outside" for 7 months already! We are over half way to a year with him! I can not wait for all the fun and the learning experiences that await us tomorrow!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Mommy Wants Freebies! Has a Bummas Review & Giveaway!

Head on over to the blog, Mommy Wants Freebies! to read her review of the Bummas wipes and then enter for your chance to win! One lucky Mommy Wants Freebies! reader will win a set of The Wild Ones Bummas Wipes! The contest is going until July 9th, so hurry on over! Good luck!

The Fluffdom Express is Headed Your Way!

Surprise, surprise! Announcing the Fluffdom Express event! There is a unique cloth diapering event that will be rolling into town in August! This fluffy event is "geared to helping families of children with Special Needs find diapers for their child and helping families decide what diapers to use in a hospital setting!" I sure wish cloth diapers had been an option at the hospital where my son was born! Happily Southern is putting this event on and there is more info on her site, so make sure that you go check it out! 

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Musings of an Organic Mama Squirrel is Having a Plum Organics Review & Giveaway!

I had to post a link to this review and giveaway, because well...squirrel...hedgehog...I just couldn't resist! On top of that Mama Squirrel has a great review for the line of Plum Organics and there is a giveaway involved! If you head over to her blog you can be entered to win $15 worth of Plum Organics and/or Revolution Foods from EcoMom. Can't you just hear you little one saying, "Yum!" So, head on over to Musings of an Organic Mama Squirrel and get your entries in, the contest is open until July 1st. Good luck!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

-CLOSED- Inspired By Finn Giveaway & Discount Code!

Recently, I have been on the hunt for something to ease my sons teething pain. My poor little man has been teething for the last three months and this last month has really been the worst as his first tooth is starting to come in. I have bought multiple teethers at the store, tried natural teething drops, but nothing seems to ease the pain for him. I have come across a couple of posts where people have mentioned amber necklaces to aid in teething pain and the site, Inspired By Finn was frequently mentioned. So, I decided to look into it. I would do anything to ease my sons discomfort and something natural sounded a whole lot better than giving him baby medicine!
So, I checked out the Inspired By Finn website and there is a wealth of information there! Not only about Baltic Amber, but also about Hazelwood necklaces too. It turns out that Baltic Amber is actually a “a natural analgesic (pain reliever) and anti-inflammatory. When amber is worn on the skin, the warmth of the skin releases trace amounts of healing oils on the skin. Commonly known as "teething jewelry," baltic amber has been a natural and traditional European remedy for teething discomfort for hundreds of years.” It also turns out that the color of the amber that you choose is also important! The lighter the color, the better is at relieving pain. It is the Succinic acid in the Baltic Amber that is the pain-relieving and anti-inflammatory component. So, if you want to make sure you are getting the necklace that is the most effective for teething, then you would want to choose a lighter color that contains more succinic acid than other colors. The lightest colors contain up to three times more than the darkest color!

These are the youth necklaces that Inspired By Finn carries that contain the highest amounts of succinic acid:

Custard Chip
Turmeric & Cream Chip
Light Oval
Light Bean
Pumpkin Butter Oval
Mustard Bean
Butter Round
Milk & Butter Round
Pumpkin Butter Round
Butter Pendant
Light Mix

Inspired By Finn also carries Hazelwood necklaces and here is a little info about hazelwood: Hazelwood has the medicinal property of neutralizing the body's acidity. It is an ancient remedy first used by aboriginal people. It relieves or prevents ailments such as acid reflux, nausea, ulcers, and heartburn. It may be helpful with skin problems (psoriasis, eczema, acne), arthritis, constipation, migraines, bleeding gums, and more. In order to receive a therapeutic benefit the necklace should be worn as much as possible and it can even be worn in the bath or shower.
A side not on the nausea- I wish I had known about this when I was pregnant! …Maybe for baby #2 in the very distant future! Although, I still break out, I may have to consider adding one of these necklaces to my “beauty routine!”

So, all that being said, I just purchased the Pumpkin Butter in Oval for my son!*UPDATE* The necklace came in the mail yesterday and it is even cuter that I could have imagined! I put in on my son and he has been wearing it now for a day and a half. Although I don't think his teething pain has gone away, (and he certainly isn't drooling any less!) I do feel like he is a little bit happier and we don't have those moments in the day of frustrated pain as he grasps for anything to chew on. So far, I think it does seem to be helping a little, even if it is just to take the edge off. And then today (6/29), after wearing the necklace all morning, my son took a 2 hour nap!!! I mean, it might not have been the amber necklace that helped with this nap, but then again, he hasn't napped for 2 hours straight in a looong time. I'm just sayin'... So, here are some pictures of the necklace when I first got it and my son wearing it. (I am so happy that it turned out to be the perfect length for him!)
 The box the necklace came in and the card that came with it stating when and where it was made. Such a pretty color too!

I put a penny next to the necklace for size comparison of the beads.

I love how my son is looking at me like he's never seen a camera before!

You can BUY a Baltic Amber Necklace or a Hazelwood Necklace
Inspired By Finn has two special incentive codes out right now, which you can be eligible to use if you “Like” them on Facebook:
TO SAVE 20% on an order, join Inspired By Finn by clicking the "Like" button toward the top of their "Wall" tab.

TO SAVE 25%, join Inspired By Finn by clicking the "Like" button + use the "Suggest to Friends" link near the top left of their "Wall" tab to suggest this page to your Facebook friends.

The discount code is entered/applied during checkout, and the discount is given off of prices on their website.

The codes to use once you have completed the criteria above -

To save 20%: FB20
To save 25%: FB25


You can enter to WIN an Inspired By Finn Necklace
One lucky Little Hedgehog reader will win a Baltic Amber or Hazelwood product that is 16 inches or SMALLER that is in stock. (If there is a [0] after the size in the drop-down box, the size is out of stock.)

Here's how to enter:
Mandatory Entry:
  • Visit Inspired By Finn and tell me which necklace you would choose if you are the winner!

Extra Entries:
  • Follow the Little Hedgehog via Google Friend Connect.
  • Follow me on Twitter @lttlehedgehog then, comment here saying so to get your entry.
  • Tweet about this giveaway. Please link to the post and be sure to use Inspired By Finn and @lttlehedgehog. You can tweet once per day! You may use this tweet or make up your own: "@lttlehedgehog has a #giveaway! #WIN a Baltic Amber or Hazelwood Necklace Ends on 7/6 sponsored by Inspired By Finn" Comment with a direct link to your tweet so I can see it to get your entry!
  • Blog about this review/giveaway. Be sure to include a link to Inspired By Finn and this review/giveaway. Comment with a link to your blog post to get your entry!
Don't forget to put your email address in each comment so I can get a hold of you if you are the lucky winner! If I cannot get a hold of you, I will have to draw another winner! Also, I will check to make sure that the winner filled out the mandatory entry.

Open to U.S. residents only.

I'll accept entries until Tuesday, July 6, 2010 at Midnight PST. I'll select a winner using's random number generator, then email the winner. The winner will have 48 hours to respond to my email and if I don't get a response, I will have to choose another winner. Again, make sure you leave your email address in your comment!

*PLEASE REMEMBER THAT: This necklace has small parts and is not intended for children under 3 years old. Children should be supervised while wearing the jewelry and the jewelry should be removed from the child's neck when he/she goes to sleep. Please use common sense when allowing your child to wear this jewelry.

*Inspired By Finn will be shipping the winner’s item to them directly. The Little Hedgehog is not responsible for mailing the winners prize.

Thank you to Inspired By Finn for providing me with the opportunity to host this giveaway at no cost to myself. The giveaway has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on these products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Inspired By Finn for sponsoring a Baltic Amber or Hazelwood product that is 16 inches or SMALLER that is in stock for the giveaway.

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Everything Mom and Baby is Having a Pickles the Pig Giveaway!

How cute is the name Pickles the Pig?!? So, I was intrigued and read Everything Mom and Baby's blog review about Pickles the Pig and their Do It Yourself Wipes Kit. I think that is a great idea because buying wipe sprays can get pricey and with cloth diapering, using cloth wipes and wipe sprays makes so much sense! I also headed over to the Pickles the Pig website to see what else they offered and they had the cutest soother clip in a hedgehog print! 

So, head on over to Everything Mom and Baby to read her review of the Do It Yourself Wipes Kit and then don't forget to enter her giveaway! One lucky reader will win their very own DIY Wipes Kit. The contest is open until June 23rd. Good luck!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Getting Kinda Crunchy has a Pure Bebe Review & Giveaway Up!

If you wanna click your little mouse on over to the Getting Kinda Crunchy blog, you will find a review of Pure Bebe's Etsy shop items. They have super cute wipes, their very own "Super Stars"  and a few other musts for any cloth diapering mama (or daddy)! So go on and check out Getting Kinda Crunchy's review and don't forget to enter the giveaway! One lucky Getting Kinda Crunchy reader will win a 33 count package of Super Stars(winner's choice of scents!) and a 4 pack of wipes(winner's choice of fabric!). The contest is going until July 13th. Good luck!

Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! Has a Review & Giveaway for a NEW Planet Wise Bag!!!

If you head on over to the blog, Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! you can read a review on a new, up and coming Planet Wise bag that isn't even for sale yet! You can even enter for a chance to win this brand-spankin' new bag by entering her giveaway! One lucky Fitteds and Pockets and Snappis, oh my! reader is going to win their very own swim/diaper Planet Wise bag in their choice of color! The contest is going until June 28th, so get your entries in! Good luck!

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

bumGenius Review & Giveaway also on My New Life as Mom!!!

Ok, so, I LOVE bumGenius diapers! The bumGenius 3.0 One-Size cloth diaper is definately what I have the most of for my son. I also love that it's my hubby's favorite to use too- he likes it because it's so easy to put on. If you are as big of a fan of bumGenius as I am or if you are in the market for a new cloth diaper for your little one, then head on over to My New Life as Mom to read her review on the diaper and then enter for your chance to win one! One of My New Life as Mom's readers is going to win a bumGenius 3.0 in their choice of color! This contest runs until July 15, 2010 at 12 o' clock pm PST. Good luck! 

The blog, My New Life As Mom ha a BabyKicks Review and Giveaway!

If you go and check My New Life as Mom, you can read her review all about the BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket and a Joey-Bunz insert! Then make sure that you enter to win, because one lucky My New Life as Mom reader will win their very own BabyKicks Bumboo Pocket with Joey-Bunz insert. The contest is going until July 14, 2010 at 12 o'clock pm PST. Good luck!

Monday, June 14, 2010

Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Review

 I am a member of BzzAgent and a little while back I was sent an Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless kit to try out and review. It included:

  • Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Eye Concealer
  • Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Corrector
  • Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Foundation
  • Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless Sculpting Blush
Covergirl teamed up with Olay to add their Regenerist serum to the Covergirl makeup, creating the Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless makeup line. This was created to be an anti-aging makeup that would help restore evenness to your skin's texture and tone. The makeup is created to "suspend over" fine lines for a look that is both younger and smoother.

The Eye Concealer is designed to hide those pesky under eye dark circles and brighten the eye area. The Corrector is also used to aid in getting rid of some severe dark circles (although I also used it to conceal blemishes). The Foundation is what is smoothed over to give you that even and youthful look as it is suspended over any wrinkles that you may have. Then the Sculpting Blush is supposed to accentuate you cheeks and give you that naturally glowing look.

Sounds like magic, huh?  So, I put it to the test and now that you've read about what they say it does, here's what I have to say about what it did for my skin. Well, first off, I thought, hey, I'm a twenty-mumble, mumble, mumble year old! I don't need makeup that makes me look younger! But, then I was reminded of some of the not so kind things people have commented at me since having my son. Things like, "Wow, you look really tired!" Uh, yeah, I think I got a total of four hours of sleep last night. Or, "Those are some big bags under your eyes!" Well, yes, actually, my son uses them as mini punching bags. Sometimes I wonder if people think before they speak. One of my favorites was at a family gathering around New Years. I had had my son near Thanksgiving and all of our family visited us for the holidays to see our new little munchkin. So, at the New Years get together, I had someone tell me how much better I was looking, because, "Wow, at Thanksgiving you looked like you were trying really hard to stay awake and your face looked so tired." I love my family. What can I say...

So, I rethought the need for makeup that would help me look younger. First I tacked those under-eye circles. I have to say the Eye Concealer is my favorite! After putting it on, I felt like my under eye area looked smoother (those eye smile lines seemed to melt away) and it did seem a little brighter. When I have had a particularly sleepless night and I even scare myself in the morning, I add a little Corrector. The Corrector is nice to have for concealing my many blemishes. Shouldn't I be over breaking out by now? But I wouldn't say that it was amazing or the most spectacular concealer that I've ever used. It's good, but not great. The Foundation went on much more lightly that I thought it would. I have pretty oily skin... ok, very oily skin. I thought for sure that the Olay Simply Ageless part would just make my face look oilier. I was suprised though, it seemed to glide on easily, it blended well (I hate having those lines around my chin) and it did seem to make my face look smooth and natural- almost like I was bearly wearing makeup at all. I also like that it has SPF 22 in the Foundation, because I know I should put on sunscreen every day, but honestly, I rarely do. Living in Southern California though, I need it! The Foundation lasts pretty well on my skin throughout the day, it's not a foundation that's still goin' strong at the end of the day, but I still look like I have some makeup still on. One thing that is nice is that I feel like I can just put the foundation on and head out the door if I'm in a really big hurry and I don't have to worry about spilling it, since it's not liquid. Ok, so now onto the Sculpting Blush. When I first saw the color, Royal Plum, I thought that it was too dark for my skin tone and I was going to look like a clown! Well, it took a little practice, but I was amazed at how well it seemlessly blended! It wasn't dark at all either, it actually does have a very natural glow to it. I don't always put it on perfectly, I've never really been into blush, but I'm learning and I do like it a lot better than I thought I would.
So, I hope my little....errr.. I mean long review gave you a good idea of what this makeup can actually do for you. I really like it and I was impressed by how it actually looked natural on me and made my under-eye area look much better. In fact, I haven't had any "helpful comments" by anyone since I've started using this makeup! Oh yeah! My favorite thing though is that I feel good about myself when I am wearing makeup and I think it helps me feel a little more confident and "put together" and like, "I am a mom wearing makeup, I can tackle anything! ...Wait! ...No! Don't throw up on my new shirt! Oh well, at least I'm wearing makeup, right?
So, did I like this the line of Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless makeup that was sent to me?
Would I buy this makeup in the future when I am all out?
Definitely the Eye Concealer and probably the Foundation (maybe even the blush if I get a little bit better at applying it).

I was given some coupons along with the makeup that I was sent. They are for $2 off one Covergirl & Olay Simply Ageless product. They expire on 6/30/2010, If you would like me to mail you one, simply put your email address in a comment below and I will email you for your address and mail it to you. So, I guess it's kinda a giveaway, a coupon giveaway!

That's Nuts! My New Life as Mom has a Review & Giveaway for Eco Nuts

Eco Nuts is a soap? Soap? What? That's right, Eco Nuts are actually a dried fruit shell that you put in your washing machine and they do all the hard work that regular soap does, except in a more eco-friendly fashion. To read more about Eco Nuts, head on over to My New Life as Mom to read her review and then enter the giveaway! One lucky My New Life as Mom readers will win a 50/90 box of Eco Nuts to call their own! This contest is going until July 13, 2010 at 12 o' clock pm, PST! So get your entries in! Good luck!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Mommy Saves Money Has a Little Green Books Review and Giveaway!

You can go on over to the Mommy Saves Money blog to read all about her Little Green Books review and giveaway! My son loves books right now and I hope he keeps liking them :) He loves to listen while I read, he loves to grab for the pictures, he loves to "flip" through the pages, he loves to chew on the soft ones... I love story time with my son!

So, if you are looking to find out some more info on earth friendly and eco-conscious books for your little one, then head on over to Mommy Saves Money to read all about it! Then be sure that you enter the giveaway because one lucky Mommy Saves Money reader is going to WIN 5 books from Little Green Books! The giveaway is open until June 25, 2010 at 11:59PM. Good luck!

A Fabulous Review on Fabulous Family Reviews and Giveaways Blog!

So, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE leg warmers for my son. He is so long and skinny that most of his pants become high-waters before he can fit them width wise. Also, we have yet to replace the old carpet in our house, and lets just say it's the scratchy-est thing known to man! So, I really like to have my son wear them while he is (kinda) trying to learn to crawl, to protect those oh-so-sweet knees! So, I have quite a few of brand name ones that he wears. 

Anywho, if you head over to Fabulous Family Reviews and Giveaways, you can read a review about an Etsy seller, Mama Runs With Scissors, who has created her own  super cute and unique leg warmers and arm warmers- many with matching outfits! So check out the review and make sure that you enter the giveaway that is going along with it! One lucky Fabulous Family Reviews and Giveaways reader will win their own pair of Kool Kid Legs! The giveaway ends on July 1, 2010 at 11:59 pm CST. Good luck!

Mom’s Milk Boutique is Having a Giveaway on Their Blog! Ends 6/15!

If you want to head on over to the Mom’s Milk Boutique blog, Breastfeed, Babywear, ClothDiaper, Naturally! and read the article, "Life at Mom’s Milk Boutique" you can enter to win a giveaway! One lucky "Natural Mama" is going to win one Perfect Size FuzziBunz and one One-Size FuzziBunz! The contest is only open until June 15th, so hurry on over to get your entries in! Good luck!

Also, while you are looking around their blog, make sure that you check out their retail site, Mom’s Milk Boutique and their Facebook page! Let them know you appreciate the giveaway!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Sugar & Spice & Everything in Between has an EcoMom Review & Giveaway Going On!

The blog, Sugar & Spice & Everything in Between has a review up for some of the Plum Organics/Revolution Foods from EcoMom and of course, there is a fabulous giveaway! One of her lucky readers will win  $20 worth of Plum Organics and/or Revolution Foods! Sounds good to me! So head on over to Sugar & Spice & Everything in Between for your chance to enter. The giveaway is going until June 19th at 9 get your entries in! Good luck!

Raising My 4 Sons Has a Bumbino Review & Giveaway Up!

If you head on over to Raising My 4 Sons blog, you can read a review on the Bumbino Cloth Diaper and Bum Pads and then enter for a chance to win your very own Bumbino Diaper Shell and 2 Bum Pads from Bum Essentials! One of Raising My 4 Sons readers is going to win a Bumbino Diaper Shell and 2 Bum Pads, so hurry on over to her blog, because you only have until June 21,2010 at 11:59pm EST to get your entries in! Good luck!

Getting Kinda Cruchy has a Bummis Review & Giveaway!

Over on the Getting Kinda Crunchy blog, you can read a review of the Bummis Easy Fit Diapers and then enter the giveaway! One lucky Getting Kinda Crunchy reader is going to win a Bummis One Size Easy Fit Diaper in the color of their choice! The contest is going on until June 15th at midnight. So, hurry on over for your chance to win! Good luck!

Monday, June 7, 2010

Home Grown Families is Having a Giveaway for a Rump-a-rooz G2 Diaper

Home Grown Families is having a Cover the Booty Event from June 1-30 where they are having giveaways, Q&A's, reviews and more! The Rump-a-rooz G2 cloth diaper review and giveaway is part of that event. So, if you head over to Home Grown Families, you can read a review on the Rump-a-rooz G2 cloth diaper and then enter to win one! This giveaway is being sponsored by Diapers Etc. and one lucky Home Grown Families reader will win a Rump-a-rooz diaper in their choice of print or color! This giveaway is going on until June 17th and there are lots and lots of ways to enter. Good luck!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Raising My 4 Sons is Having a Baby Kicks Review & Giveaway!

Raising My 4 Sons

Raising My 4 Sons has a review and giveaway up for Baby Kicks. One of her lucky readers is going to win a FREE One Size Organic Fitted Pocket Diaper from Baby Kicks! I have been exploring the idea of adding hemp products to my fluffy stash, so I love reading reviews and tips and such about new products before I take the plunge to buy... and if there is a giveaway involved, even better! :) 

So, head on over to Raising My 4 Sons and read up on Baby Kicks and then don't forget to enter for your chance to win a One Size Organic Fitted Pocket Diaper from Baby Kicks! The contest will run until June 19th. Good luck!

Check out Mama B for a Spectacular Review & Giveaway!


The Mama B blog has a wonderful review and giveaway up right now! She has a review and giveaway for Canvas Press- a company that takes your picture and turns it into a piece of canvas photo art. I love photography and this review and giveaway just made me want to get all of my pretty pictures out, framed and up on the walls! That seems to be the hardest part for me- getting them off of my computer and into a frame on the wall! The idea of having them turned into a piece of art in the form of a canvas print is just perfect! It makes the photos seem so much more like art. 

Anyway, head on over to Mama B to see what I am talking about because one of Mama B's lucky readers is going to win a 1- 1/2″ 16″x20″ Gallery Wrapped Canvas created with their very own special photo turned into a work of art! This contest is going on until June 26th and there are lots of ways to get your entries in! Good luck!

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Another Giveaway at My New Life As...Mom!

My New Life As...Mom! has yet another great giveaway going on on her blog- this on is for a FuzzinBunz diaper! So, while you're over there entering the Rockin' Green giveaway that she is also doing, make sure you also take a look at her FuzziBunz review and giveaway. One lucky My New Life As...Mom! reader is going to win one FuzziBunz one size diaper in their choice of color. There are plenty of ways to enter for your chance to win one of these diapers and the contest runs until July 4. Good luck!

A Rockin' Giveaway on My New Life As...Mom! Blog!

There is a Rockin' Green review and giveaway up on the blog, My New Life As...Mom! If you want to enter for a chance to win some Rockin' Green for you fluffy laundry then head on over to My New Life As...Mom! One of her lucky blog readers will win a 45/90 bag of Rockin' Green in their choice of scent and formula. There are lots-n-lots of ways to enter and the contest is going until July 3rd! Good Luck!

The Cloth Diaper Report is Having A Swimmingly Fun Giveaway!

If you head on over to The Cloth Diaper Report you can enter for your chance to win a Bummis Swim Diaper sponsored by the Diaper Shops! This giveaway is here just in time for fun summer days at the pool or beach! There are lots of ways to enter and the contest is going on until June 15th. So, hurry on over to The Cloth Diaper Report for you chance to win! Good luck!

Sharni's Blog is Giving Her Readers a Chance to Enter for a Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diaper

Head on over to Sharni's Blog to read her review of the Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diaper and then enter for your chance to win your very own Knickernappies One Size Pocket Diaper! The giveaway only has 2 ways to get an entry, so it is super easy and the giveaway is going on until June 20th. Good luck!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

The Budget Mommy is Having a Fluffy Giveaway!

Over on The Budget Mommy's blog, there is a little review and giveaway going on! Earth Angels Diaper Co gave her a Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover to try out and of course, there is a giveaway! Earth Angels Co is sponsoring the Thirsties Duo Wrap Cover part of the giveaway and the winner can choose from either prints or color and snaps or aplix. One of the really great parts of this giveaway is that The Budget Mommy is adding even more to the swag! She is going to personally send the winner a box of Tiny Bubbles Detergent AND a flip Organic Cotton Insert to use with this cover! How sweet is that?!? 

So, head on over to The Budget Mommy and enter for your chance to win! The contest is going until June hurry! Good Luck!

Diaper Shops is Having a Facebook Giveaway!

Ok, so you should run, not walk over to Diaper Shops Facebook page because they are having one AWESOME giveaway! One lucky fan of theirs is going to win Six (count 'em 6) bumGenius one size 3.0 cloth diapers! I love bumGenius diapers and I also love that my husband loves to use them. they are his favorite diaper to use on our son and now he even says that he thinks they are easier than disposables. :) 

Anyway, you should also make sure that you check out one of Diapers Shops online retail sites, Kelly's Closet. They have a fabulous selection of cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories. Some of the things that I really love about their site is their Diaper Dollars rewards program where you can earn free diapers! I also think that their customer service is just the best. If I ever have a question, no matter how small, they have always gotten back to me quickly and answered so nicely. I feel like they carry so many products and accessories that no matter what I'm looking for, they have it. Also, they have free shipping is you spend over $49- how easy is that to do?!? ...too easy actually ;)

So, hurry on over to Diaper Shops Facebook page and "like" them or "fan" them or whatever it is these days on Facebook for your chance to win 6 bumGenius one size 3.0 diapers! Good luck and happy shopping!  

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Mama B is Having a Giveaway on Her Blog!

Mama B has a review and giveaway up on her blog for the Tiny Tush diapers. You can even watch a video about them! So hurry on over because one lucky Mama B reader is going to win a Tiny Tush Elite pocket diaper in the winners choice of color and closure! Ooooh! Aaaah! The contest is going on until June 12th, 2010 at 11:59 EST. Good luck!

EcoMom Update!

A little while ago, I had posted the giveaway for Plum Organics food that was sponsored by EcoMom. In my little review, I talked about EcoMom's EcoPass program where you get a 15% discount and free shipping on every order you make from EcoMom's site for one year for the $99 membership. Well, since I posted that, EcoMom now has a special going on on their website! Now, for a LIMITED time, you will get a $50 gift card with the purchase of the $99 annual membership! I think that that is an awesome incentive and if you had previously been hemming and hawing about buying the membership. Hope this little news tip is helpful!

Mommy and Me Giveaways is Having a Giveaway!

The blog, Mommy and Me Giveaways has a review up for Envibum diapers and a giveaway as well! Envibum's diapers support some really great causes and it is so nice to read about a company that is giving back. So, with the giveaway, one of Mommy and Me Giveaways readers is going to win an Envibum Diaper (with absorbency pad) and a Mom4Mom Diaper Cover (with T-Shaped Liner)! The contest is going on until June 5, 2010 at 11pm CST. So head on over to Mommy and Me Giveaways for your chance to win! Good luck! 

The Bragging Mommy is Having a Giveaway!

The blog, the Bragging Mommy has done a review of Bum Essentials and is also hosting a giveaway! These are such cute looking diapers in happy colors! Head on over to her blog to read all about them and enter for your chance to win a Bumbino Diaper in the winner’s choice of color to one lucky reader! The contest is going on until June 3 at 10:00 hurry on over! Good luck!

Have You Entered This Weeks "Feed Your Stash" Friday Giveaway?

Head on over to the Cloth Diaper Blog for your chance to win some Rockin' Green! This week you will get the chance to “FEED YOUR STASH” with (2) two packages of Rockin’ Green Diaper Detergent in your choice of formula and scent! That would take care of a lot of fluffy laundry! There are lots of ways to enter and the contest is going until 3:00 PM (EST) on Thursday, June 3, 2010. So, hurry on over for your chance to win! Good luck!

Feed Your Stash Friday: May 28 - June 3, 2010

Another Great Diaper Site!

Take $5 off your first order with coupon REF10
I recently found Diva Diapers on facebook and just placed my first order with them. I thought that they had a great selection of items! I have been looking for the Happy Heiny's Hemp Stuffins for my pocket Happy Heinys FOREVER and I finally found them on the Diva Diapers site! Yay! I can finally use the 6 Happy Heinys diapers that I have. :) Head on over to their site and check out the selection- who knows, you might find just what  you've been looking for! Also, if you click on the link below, you can get $5 off your first order! Yay for saving money! Happy Shopping! 

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Preowned Diapers: A Great Way to Build Your Stash!

I just thought that I would pass on something that has helped me to build my stash at a more reasonable rate: pre-owned diapers! Now you might think, "Ewww! Cloth diapers someone else has used?!?" But, actually, they are usually used for about 3 weeks or less and rarely have much if any wear and tear or staining to them. They have been cleaned by the company any are ready for your little one to be the next to show them some love. I was a little skeptical before I ordered my firs pre-loved diaper, but when I got it, I looked and looked again... it looked like it had never been worn! Now they may not all look so new, but it's usually pretty hard to tell that they've been worn. So far, my favorite site to order pre-owned diapers from is Diaper Junction. They have a sectioned of pre-owned diapers along the left column. One of the things that I love about this site is that you can sign up for email notification when they get pre-owned diapers back in stock! I think that that is just awesome and so helpful! As of this afternoon, they had some pre-owned diapers back in stock and I just ordered some in that were listed in excellent condition. They go quickly, so you can't hem and haw about it for too long. So, if you're looking for some diapers that are new to you at a bit of a discount (because every little bit helps), head on over to Diaper Junctions pre-owned diaper section and check the selection out or sign up for email notification when they are back in stock! Happy Shopping!