Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Looking to Start Some Christmas Shopping? Look No Further Than Etsy!

I have a new love...shopping on Etsy! I love finding new little treasures that are handmade or vintage that make me go "ooohhh" and "ahhhh"! There are so many talented people who are blessed with gifts far beyond my own creative flair and I love to support those who create! I would much rather buy something for my little man, myself or a friend that is unique and handmade rather than a generic, big box store, one-of-millions gift. (Not that I have anything against Target or the mall...I love Target) One of my newest discoveries on Etsy is actually made by a friend of mine! She just opened her Etsy doors and I already have some orders placed with her! (So if you are family...don't spoil your Christmas present by buying them all!) My friend (and very talented photographer) Jennifer Yount has started packaging some of her images into greeting card sets! 

Her collection is called the Divine Romance and she has some beautiful collections that would be perfect for writing a sweet note to someone or for birthday cards! She even has a holiday collection, if you are in the market for some beautiful Christmas cards to mail out! So go check out Divine Romance by Jennifer Yount Photography on Etsy! (If you take a look at her photography site, Jennifer Yount Photography, you'll see some pictures of my little man, the hubby and I too! She did a 9 month maternity photo shoot turned delivery photo shoot when little man decided to come 2 weeks early!)  

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