Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Blush and Bashful Studio Review

I recently came across Blush and Bashful Studio from a review of her Etsy site on another blog and then I began reading her blog on some new amigurumi animals she had created. I commented on how cute I thought they were and how adorable it would be if she could create a hedgehog. Well, a couple days later, Rebecca contacted me saying that she did indeed have a pattern for a hedgehog and wanted to know if I would be interested in doing a review of her little amigurumi hedgehog! I was so excited! When my little hedgehog arrived, he was packed so nicely and he is just too adorable for words!
I have decided to name my new friend "little hedgie"

The quality and craftsmanship is just exceptional and his spikey little hedgehogy hair makes me smile every time I see him! I am so impressed with the crocheting of the hedgehog. I could never have imagined that you could make something like that! That is one of the reasons that I love Etsy so much- I just love discovering someone who has a talent for making something wonderful that I have no idea how to make! "Little hedgie" measures approx 5" long and is about 3" tall...and fits perfectly in the palm of my hand! Also, I should note that the eyes and nose are attached very, very securely and I don't think that there is any way little man could possible pry them off- which is good to know baby-safety wise! 

So, originally, I thought it would be so cute for my little man to have a little toy hedgehog to play with...but, he's too cute to share! Haha! I figured (is justified a better word here?), little man is in the drooling/chew on everything stage and I don't want my new little hedgehog friend to suffer the fate of being mangled and drooled on to death, so for now, "little hedgie" keeps me company at my desk.  Someday I'll let little man play with "little hedgie"...maybe. Maybe mama isn't so good at sharing after all!

Rebecca of Blush and Bashful Studio makes more than just adorable little hedgehogs, she makes hats and scarves, hair clips and more! You will definitely want to take a look through her Etsy shop for some wonderful Christmas and birthday gifts or just something special for you or your little one!

Here are some of my favorites that I think little man may just have to have!
Vintage Style Crochet Ascot (Bow) Scarf
Cable Neck Warmer - Ok, I want this one for me!
Mouse Ear Beanie with Ear Flaps
Visor Beanie with Flower- I think little man would look adorable in this cap (minus the flower of course!)

In our emails back and forth, I got to ask Rebecca some questions about how she got started and where her inspiration comes from:

What inspired the name, Blush and Bashful Studio, for your Etsy shop?
My all time favorite movie is Steel Magnolias.  There is a pretty famous quote in the movie when Julia Roberts' character is describing her wedding colors as 'Blush and Bashful', and that part always sticks with me.

How long has your Etsy shop been open?
My shop has been open for 1 year and 5 months, since May 2009.

Do you remember the first item you sold in your Etsy shop?
Yes!  The first item I sold was my Mouse Ear Beanie with Flower Applique.  I absolutely love this beanie and have made one with ear flaps for my daughter to wear when we go to Disneyland.

How long have you been crocheting? Did someone teach you or did you pick it up on your own?
I've been crocheting for about 6 years.  My aunt first taught me the basics for making blankets and scarves.  With the help of the internet and books I've been able expand my knowledge. It has since progressed into an obsession, where I find that I need to be constantly creating new items.

What is the most unique item anyone has asked you to make?
The most unique item I have made is a amigurumi dragon.

What is your favorite item to make?
My favorite item to make changes a lot depending on my time and new patterns I've found.  Right now my favorite item is probably the Vintage Style Crochet Ascot (Bow) Scarf.

What would be the perfect way to spend a day?
I love the relaxing days that I spend with my husband and daughter.  Also the days that I get to spend with my big crazy family, since we are always laughing when we are together.

Any other fun or interesting tidbits of information you'd like to share?
I am very fortunate to be a stay at home mom with my beautiful little girl and am eagerly anticipating the arrival of our second daughter in February. My daughter is the light of my life and a huge inspiration behind all my items. 

All of Rebecca's work can be customizable by size and color to be the perfect piece for your little one. She is meticulous with her work and is such a friendly person to chat with! I am so pleased with my little hedgehog - he is such a happy, cute little guy! I really am looking forward to shopping from Blush and Bashful Studio in the future! 

What was your favorite item from her shop? Did you see something that you thought would be perfect for your little one? You can shop Blush and Bashful Studio's Etsy page here. Also, make sure you check out her blog and become a fan of her Facebook page! Happy Shopping!


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