Wednesday, November 24, 2010

All About 30 Days! Day One...and Then Some!

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I recently started reading and following Marine Parents and I just saw that April started an "All About Me in 30 Days" challenge! I have seen similar things floating around the blogging world lately and I decided to jump in! I'm starting a little late, so I'll just play "catch up"!

Here's a little bit about the challenge and feel free to check it out if you have a blog and feel like joining!
"Ever wonder who your blogger friends really are?  Wonder no more!  We've put our own spin on the "All About Me in 30 Days" blogging memes floating around to share a little bit of ourselves with our friends. 

This 30 day challenge begins today and ends on December 24th.... if you miss a few days, just play catch up!  No pressure :)  Be sure to grab the button so we know you are participating - post it anywhere on your blog or in each daily post!  Be sure to link up below and join in on the fun!"

Day 1 - a recent photo of you...
This picture was taken by my best friend Jennifer Yount (of Jennifer Yount Photography)! Last year this time, she was taking the last on my 9 month maternity photos...then I went into labor! We were up at Riley Farms and have since decided to make a family tradition of taking yearly photos at the same place that I went into labor with our little man! What a wonderful way to celebrate and perfect for our Christmas cards!

Day 2 - your favorite song...
That's a tough one! I love music! (Although I can't sing to save my life) Don't tell our little man though, he thinks I sing great and likes to "sing" along with me when I walk in singing to him to get him up from his naps. I definitely make sure the monitor is off before I start singing!

Our home was full of all varieties of music as I was growing up, everything from Michael Jackson to The Beatles to the Rolling Stones to Van Morrison and beyond! I would say that my favorite song is "Blackbird" by The Beatles. My favorite lines are: 
I think that it is a beautiful song and it always makes me so thoughtful whenever I hear it- it is definitely a moving song for me.

Ok, so, I love music and I don't really think I could pick just one favorite ...and one genre of music that I picked up in college that I did not get from my home is country music! I did grow up in the country, but my family's not big "country" fans, but I love Brad Paisley's songs! Some of his songs, I could swear are about my hubby and I! I love it when they come on the radio, such a sweet reminder of our love and wonderful, happy life together that is just full of joy and adventures to come! Some of my favorite songs of his are: "Little Moments" and "She's Everything". I just heard the song, "Anything Like Me" on the radio the other day and, oh-my-goodness, it made me think of our little man! Oh boy! If he's anything like my hubby and I ...I can't wait to see what we're in for!

So, obviously, I can't pick just one song, but music had been such a big part of my life, I hope that it will become an important part of our little man's life too!

I hope you enjoy learning a little about me over the next 30 days!

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