Tuesday, November 30, 2010

All About Me...30 Day Challenge! Day 9

all about me
Day 9 - your dream house...

Oh boy! Here I go dreaming again and this one has me thinking about traveling again too! *Happy sigh* My dream home is an Italian villa in Tuscany that is surrounded by rolling hills, cypress trees, and olive grove and a vineyard (of course)! It would be an old rustic home with all of it's charm, but have all of the modern upgraded amenities discretely added in. It would have plenty of room for family and friend who come to visit, a great big Italian kitchen and a wine cellar! There would be fruit trees and animals and plenty of room for our little man to run and play and climb trees! 

Oh, you know, just a little something like this!
Welcome to our home! Come on in!
 Oh look! Here we are at our dream home! Want to stop by and join us for some coffee?  ...just kidding! This was a home that we stayed in outside of Sienna in Italy on our vacation a couple years ago. I sure would love to have a home there though! Ahhh... *happy sigh*!

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