Monday, November 1, 2010

Hope Everyone Had a Happy Halloween!

I hope that you all had a fun Halloween! We sure did! Did your kiddos get way to much candy? Are they still reeling from the sugar high? I was actually kind of thankful that this year trick-or-treating isn't a big deal to our little monkey man. He didn't get much out of the day, in fact, he didn't even know that the 31st was any different of a day than yesterday or today. But we has fun dressing him up!

This year our little man was a monkey! I knew I'd be wearing him in my new Boba carrier when we went out trick-or-treating with friends, so I was a tree! (Get it..a monkey in a tree...haha!) And, since I wanted some pictures from the night, hubby was a tourist- complete with a camera, binoculars, a travel sleep mask, and a fanny pack with a passport!

The monkey sitting in his tree and hubby the tourist out for some evening trick-or-treating!

 Hope you all had fun with your kiddos and made some wonderful Halloween memories of your own!

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