Thursday, November 15, 2012

My Pregnancy Journal: 38 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  38 Weeks!
Little man was born at 38 weeks on November 12th. Our new little baby boy seems to be happy where he's at and is still in the oven! I'm glad- I'd be more than happy to have him stay on the inside until 40 weeks. So, at 38 weeks, baby boy is about 18.9 to 20.9 inches long and weighs about 6.2 to 9.2 pounds. That's a pretty big weight gap...I hope that he's closer to the lesser weight. :)  At 38 weeks, little man was 7 lbs, 14oz., so I am thinking that our new little guy will be in the 8lb range.
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  I still get nauseous on occasion, but I think I figured out that it seems to happen when the little guy is super active or when I let myself get too hungry. I still get Braxton Hicks and it mostly happens in the evenings, but sometimes I'll get a few contractions during the day for good measure. Also, our little guy is still super active and I still feel lots of kicks or knees in my side or the occasional punch toward my bladder! On that note, I also have to go go to the bathroom all.the.time! Other than that I am feeling pretty good still! Going to the chiropractor helps and I have been lucky to get some extra sleep-in time in the morning! I definitely get tired in the evenings, but overall I feel healthy and happy! 

Weight Gain: I am up to 168.1lbs - I've gained 43.1lbs!  

Cravings: Fruit, kefir and high protein foods are the most appealing to me and I can tell that my body really needs the high protein foods too. 

Food Aversions: No food aversions really. 

What made me cry this week:  I got a bit emotional thinking about how we were going to plan out our new little guys nursery. I felt like I couldn't make any decisions and at the same time, like I wasn't getting anything done! *Sigh* 

Medical Stuff: We went to the midwife's again this week and I had a great check-up. Our little baby's heartbeat was super loud and strong! My midwife also checked me to see if I was dilated at all and I am! I am at 3+cm! Yay! I'm headed in the right direction! I was at 4cm when my water broke with little, we'll see how much longer I have! We also went to a breastfeeding class at our midwife's office last night. It was so helpful! Even though I breastfed little man, that was almost 3 years ago, so I wanted a refresher course. ;) This was so, so, so helpful and I loved all the information that she gave us - it was all so practical and there were some great tips that I had never heard before.     

Thoughts from little man:  Little man still goes back and forth between talking about his little brother to wanting to be a baby again and have his crib back!

Something I am excited about: Meeting our little baby boy! Sometimes I feel like it is going to be awhile and then sometimes I feel like he'll be here before Thanksgiving!