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Bumps to Babies: GroVia Review & Giveaway

GroVia Review & Giveaway

I am a cloth diapering mama. I didn’t start out that way; I didn’t get into the world of cloth diapers until baby #3 but oh how I wish I had started with baby #1!!! In any case, I am now fully entranced with this “fluffy” world and that is why I am so excited to share with you one of my favorite cloth diaper companies!

GroVia as I said, is one of my favorite cloth diaper companies. GroVia makes quite a few diapers and products now but my vote is for their Hybrid AI2. The Hybrid is now my “bulletproof” diaper meaning I really do not have any thing about this diaper that I do not like! Seriously, it is the diaper that I recommend to all my cloth diaper friends.

Reasons I love the GroVia Hybrid Cloth Diaper

GroVia GiveawayHybrid/AI2 – This means that I can reuse the shell so long as it’s not dirty. All I need to do is simply replace the inserts when changing a diaper. AI2’s also mean less laundry (you only need lots of inserts and not necessarily lots of diapers) and since the inserts are removable, they dry faster. Less laundry time!

Hook and Loop (aka “Velcro”) or Snaps – You have a choice. I love the hook and loop because I can get just the right fit and GroVia’s hook and loop system is uniquely soft and not harsh like traditional hook and loop. However snaps come in handy when you have a toddler who has learned to take off their diaper. Did you decide to buy all hook and loop and now you realize that you should have gone with snaps? Never fear, GroVia can convert all those hook and loops to snaps!

Insert Options – The cloth inserts snap in to the shells, which is wonderful because they do not move around like some inserts do. The cloth inserts also have waterproof backing that helps prevent leaks and helps keep that reusable shell clean. GroVia makes two cloth inserts: an Organic Cotton Soaker Pad and a Stay Dry Soaker Pad. I am all about having only natural fibers against my baby’s bum so I love that GroVia has an organic option! There is also a biodegradable insert, which is great for road trips, daycares, or for when you just don’t want to do laundry!

GroVia Giveaway
Adjustable Absorbency – Got a heavy wetter? No problem! GroVia makes Boosters, which can be added to your diaper so that you get more absorbency. The boosters are a must have for my daughter during naps and bedtimes now that she’s older. The boosters are also available in the Stay Dry option or the Organic Cotton option.

Waterproof Shells – Not all shells are waterproof. Why, is beyond me as it just seems logical to make all shells waterproof. However, GroVia shells are waterproof. They have a mesh inside with a water resistant polyester TPU outside (TPU which stands for Thermoplastic Polyurethane is a waterproof material that is heat bonded onto fabric. TPU is softer than the more common PLU waterproof material that many diapers use.)

GroVia GiveawayOne Size – GroVia hybrids will fit your child from 8 – 30 lbs! Now I will admit that a GroVia on a newborn looks very different from a GroVia on a toddler, as they are definitely bulkier on a newborn. However, they do work on a baby, which I personally love because one size means I do not constantly have to “upgrade” as my baby grows bigger.

Absolutely Adorable – GroVia diapers come in quite a few colors and patterns. This actually might be my only “con” to GroVia simply because it means I keep wanting to buy new shells! From Peacocks to Robots, from Cloud Gray to Blackberry Purple GroVia is sure to have diapers that will have your baby looking good!

Fit – GroVia’s Hybrids really do have a great fit. As far as AI2’s go, GroVia is one of the trimmest out there! Nice elastic in the legs for a snug fit.

Like I said, GroVia Hybrids really are my go-to, bulletproof diaper. My daughter wears them night and day.

GroVia GiveawayBuy It: 
In addition to the Hybrid, GroVia also makes other diapers and products such as an AIO Diaper, Newborn AIO My Choice Trainers, Wetbags, Magic Sticks, Cloth Wipes, as well as some new products such as Kiwi Pie One Size Fitted Diapers, Kiwi Pie Pull On Wool Covers, and Prefolds!

Win It: 
GroVia has offered to let one of you win a GroViaMagic Stick. This is such a great cloth diaper accessory to have! The GroVia Magic Stick is an all-natural diaper ointment that is safe for cloth or disposable diapers. Nothing but all natural ingredients contained in one handy stick so you can apply that diaper ointment with no mess!

Disclaimer: The Pistachio Project received complimentary product for the purpose of facilitating this review. All opinions expressed were not influenced by the company but are 100% my own. Additionally this post may contain affiliate links, for which I will earn rewards or compensation if you make a purchase (that you for supporting The Pistachio Project). I am disclosing this in accordance with the Federal Trade Commission’s 16 CFR Part 225, Guides Concerning the use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising.

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