Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Wordless Wednesday

Hubby just had his birthday and I thought it would be fun for little man to color Daddy his first picture! I set out a piece of paper and some jumbo crayons and this is how little man says "Happy Birthday Daddy!" in color:

Little man really loved coloring and he knows right where we keep the crayons and paper. He will take one of us by the hand and lead us to the drawer and ask (in 18 month speak) for crayons. He loves to just hold them and try to say the names of the colors too! "Blu" and "Puple" are his favorites so far. I think he's fascinated that these "things" leave colors behind when you move them across (or stab them at) paper. He will sometimes stop and scratch at the lines of color with a little fingernail, then examine the color under his fingernails, as if he's contemplating far greater things than a crayon on paper.

Happy Wednesday! I hope your day is full of color!


  1. That is so sweet. We need to do more coloring with my youngest, we have been doing so many other projects and outside time I have kind of forgotten about art projects.

  2. What a smart little hedgehog! Already knows some colors!! :) I am your newest blog follower from The Green Mama Blog Hop! Would love for you to follow my new blog! :)