Thursday, May 26, 2011

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 4

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge continues! I can't believe that it is day 4 already! If you're new and just coming in on this challenge, you can head over to Dirty Diaper Laundry and read the Rules to find out more about what's going on.

How is today going? Well, let's just say, "Holy Poopy Diapers Batman!" Little man gave me 6, count 'em 6 dirty diapers between last night and today to wash. :) They weren't tooooo bad and hubby actually did most of the dunking and swishing. He asked me today if he was taking away any of my joy from experiencing the dunking and swishing. I assured him that I was just fine with him handling the dunking and swishing part. So sweet of him to ask though. 

All of the dirty flats and 3 of my covers got a good soaking in the tub and then went outside to soak up some rays. I was really impressed with how quickly everything dried today. Today was the nicest day so far with warm sunshine and a slight breeze. All the flats (including the bamboo and hemp ones) and the covers were dry in about 2.5-3 hours.  
My EcoFluff bamboo flats and Swaddlebees flats drying in the sun!

Today I'm excited to be trying the Diaper Bag Fold! You can check out some videos of how to do it HERE and HERE. I really, really like this fold and I think it is perfect for little man - especially since it has plenty of layers in the front! I still have some "perfecting" to do, since I seem to have a hard time getting the fit nice and snug around little man's legs, but once he has a cover on, there's no problem. One funny thing that I found with the Diaper Bag Fold, was that I had an easier time doing it with pins and hubby was able to do it just fine with a Snappi. The Snappi and I must still be at odds.

Voila! Daddy is a pro with the Snappi and the Diaper Bag Fold!

I've really been having fun learning all of the new folds. I think that the Origami Fold and the Diaper Bag Fold are my favorites so far! So, aside from the little poop-splosions that happened today, it was a good day. The diapers got clean, they saw some sun and little man is quite a good sport when it comes to mommy's learning curve with flat diapers. 

Mommy's version of the Diaper Bag Fold with pins

Things I learned today: 
  • Don't give up: I wanted to give up on the Diaper Bag Fold when I couldn't get the Snappi to cooperate, but I kept trying and found that pins work better for me with that fold.
  • Rinse the diapers before you store them: I just started rinsing the flats in the tub (except for the lucky ones that get dunked in the toiled first) and keeping them in a little bucket until I wash them. I'm hoping that that will help to keep stains from setting.
  • Wear gloves *correction* Wear Better Gloves: My gloves are too short, so I get a lot of water sloshed in and my hands and knuckles have gotten really dry. 
This leads me to my next discovery 
  • Take Care of Your Hands: I started using Eco Fluff's Organic EcoButter this afternoon after washing the diapers and my knuckles are already starting to heal. Diaper rash cream isn't just for little booty's!

So, how did Day 4 of the Challenge go for you? Did you learn anything today?

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