Tuesday, May 24, 2011

The Flats and Handwashing Challenge: Day 2

Well, it's day 2 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge! I was really happy that yesterday went so smoothly and we didn't have any leaks. Last night I did put little man to bed in his normal night-time diaper. I'm just not sure if I'm quite ready to use flats for night-time and worry about him leaking during the night...I may try to work up to using flats at night though. It is nice that the Rules do allow for us to still use his night-time diaper. Last night after little man was in bed, I washed the flats and covers that we used from the day. He didn't poop yesterday, so washing was pretty easy and straightforward. I'm washing my flats and diaper covers by hand in the tub because I did want to learn how to wash diapers by hand. I also chose to wash diapers in the tub so that I would be able to show others how to do this with the items that everyone has in their home - a tub (you could use a sink), water, detergent and two hands. 

First, I rinsed the diapers with cold water and let them soak for a little bit. 

Next I filled the tub up about 1/4 of the way with HOT water (we have a huge soaking tub, so that's why I didn't add more water) and added 2 tsp of Rockin' Green. I wasn't sure exactly how much detergent to use, so I used a small amount, since the diapers had only gotten wet during the day and I didn't have that big of a load to do. 

Then, I let the diapers soak for about an hour in their Rockin' Green bath. I agitated them a bit when I came back an hour later, and was actually pretty surprised to see that the Rockin' Green had pulled out a little funk already! Hazy water...eww. So, I drained the tub and rung the diapers out. Then I rinsed the diapers with cold water and filled the tub 1/4 of the way up with cold water and swished/agitated them for a little. Then I drained the tub, wrung the diapers out again and I hung them up to dry overnight on my portable drying rack. 

I wore gloves to help protect my hands from getting too dried out, but found out that if you buy the cheapest gloves that Target sells...you get what you paid for. The gloves were pretty short on me and I sloshed so much water in them that it really didn't matter that I wore them. So, I would advise buying longer gloves...or maybe I'm just a vigorous washer. :)

This morning, I checked to see if the diapers were dry. The Swaddlebees flats were dry, but the bamboo flat from Zabi Baby was still a little damp. So, I out the drying rack outside for a little cloudy, breezy time so that they could finish drying. 

Today, I learned how to do the kite fold! I think it is actually pretty fun and so far hubby and I both like it.
The Kite Fold
  Well, this morning, little man made up for not pooping yesterday. He went twice before nap-time! It actaully wasn't too bad not using my diaper sprayer. Without giving you more information on little mans bathroom habits than you ever wanted to know, I'll spare you the details and just say that only one of the two dirty diapers required a little dunking and swishing. Since little man is down for a nap right now and the sun is trying to peek out from behind the clouds, I am going to wash the flats and wipes from this morning so they can soak up some sun and hopefully there won't be any stains that set. 

So, today we are off to a pretty good start! I've been impressed with how absorbent the flats are so far and they are really pretty trim too (unless I add extra flats for nap-time). For nap-time, I have little man in a Swaddlebees Unbleached flat (origami fold) and a Hemp Babies Flat (in a pad fold) all wrapped up in a Thirsties cover. So far, day 2 is going well - poopy diapers and all. Little man is pretty good at diaper changes - he's wiggly and likes to try to get up mid-change, but that's normal. I just try to make sure he has something to play with and ask him to give mommy a little extra time while she's learning something new! 


So, how is day 2 of the Flats and Handwashing Challenge going for you? 

Zookies provided a cover, Zabi Baby provided a Snappi and a Bamboo Flat, and Ju-Ju Monkey provided Hemp Babies Flats for me to use for the challenge. Special thanks to Swaddlebees for sponsoring me with two dozen flats to use for the Flats and Handwashing Challenge!


  1. The kite fold is awesome!
    I am your newest follower form Green Mom Blog Hop!


  2. THANK YOU for your photo tutorial of kite folding! I found a tutorial earlier that was only words...and while it seems to be working (he's wearing it right now!) it doesn't look like it'll be nearly as absorbent or effective as yours! Thanks! This is great!

    Oh...and I'm washing each diaper as they come, as much as possible anyway, in the sink...with my bare hands. ;-) Gloves might not have been a bad idea!