Monday, August 23, 2010

Inspire Your Walls

My hubby and I have been slowly working on fixing up our house that we bought a little over a year ago. Sometimes the task is a little daunting because some of the walls are so big! As we put new coats of paint on them, I have been racking my brain trying to think of how I can decorate some of my rooms in a unique way that reflects our personalities without spending a fortune. Well, I recently discovered the site Inspire Your Walls, a site that sells wall decals! What a perfect solution for our many bare walls! Inspire Your Walls has a website as well as an Etsy shop with some really cute and unique wall art! I loved looking through them to get some inspiration and ideas for our house.

I would love this one in our laundry room!

Here are some other wall decals that they offer on their site:
Now, I have never actually used wall decals before, but their site says that their lettering is a thin vinyl material that goes on easily and it is also removable! It seems like a pretty easy way to add some great decorative accents to your home without having to worry about it being permanent...for the day when our home office becomes a second kids bedroom! (No baby #2 anytime soon though!) Looking through the site, there is a nice variety of lettering and over 23 color choices! You're sure to find the perfect color for every room! I also really like that you can create a "hand painted" look of art without actually having to paint or use stencils. One thing that I have learned about myself as we are painting the various rooms in the house- I am not any good at the minute details of painting. I leave all the detail and edging work to my hubby- he's great at it and I usually just make a mess that he has to clean up! Haha!

The Inspire Your Walls lettering would be perfect for any room in your home or apartment, a business, a college dorm room, church, car windshield, or probably anything else you can think of!

You can keep up with Inspire Your Walls on their blog:

If you are a blogger, there is an Inspire Your Walls This Summer Campaign going on over on their blog and they would love some blogging love! In return, you can be entered to win a gift certificate to Inspire Your Walls!

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