Sunday, August 8, 2010

EcoTools Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campain

I have really been striving to "green" all areas of my life... and that includes makeup and bath products as well! When I am shopping, I actively seek out products that are eco-conscious or sustainable. I think that there is a lot of value in buying products that will help keep our planet "healthy". I think that we have a responsiblity that has been entrusted to us to care for the home that we have been given. All that being said, I recently was looking at EcoTools website because I saw their makeup brushes at my local Target and I found that they have a great program going on right now! 

EcoTools is encouraging women to get gorgeous and green their beauty routine at the same time!  EcoTools wants your used (yes, they said used) cosmetic brushes and bath & body care products and in return, they will  give you a coupon for an EcoTools product!!! What's really great is that the products that you mail in will be recycled by EcoTools too! The Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign wants YOU and they want you to see how easy is can be to be stunning  and sustainable.
Here are some examples of things you can swap for a coupon: 

•makeup brushes

•body washes and scrubs

•body lotions/butters

•hand creams

•body mists

•bath sponges

I've already picked out my two items, 2 of my makeup brushes! I'm going to mail them out and I can't wait to get some EcoTools with my coupons! 

For more information about The Look Gorgeous, Love Green Campaign, you can check out the EcoTools website.


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