Friday, May 24, 2013

What's Working for Me? -Day 5 #FlatsChallenge

I'm participating in this years Flats and Handwashing Challenge hosted by Dirty Diaper Laundry and today's topic is, What's Working for Me.

I am actually surprised at how quickly 5 days has gone by! In thinking about these past 5 days and what has worked for me, I have also had the opportunity to think about what hasn't worked as well for me.

So, what has been working for me? Flats! I have found a real appreciation for the simplicity of flats. I am loving how hard working flats are. I also am loving the 100% cotton flats and the bamboo and hemp blends (rather than synthetic materials) and am finding myself truly surprised at how absorbent they are. I haven't had any leaks during the day! I have mostly used the origami fold, jo fold and the pad fold. I have yet to try the diaper bag fold with little Riley. I really like the versatility of folds- you can do something easy, like the pad fold or you can get fun with your folds! I have used covers with Riley since he was born and only recently added pockets to his diaper rotation (not during this challenge, of course!). I have enjoyed using flats so much, that I have actually been toying with the idea of selling a good majority of my pocket diaper stash. *gasp!*

I also really love hanging my diapers outside. I definitely think that this is something I will keep doing after the challenge is over. Not only is it better for our energy consumption, but it brightens laundry and makes it smell super fresh! So, overall, the Flats Challenge is working pretty well for me. It's working well enough that I will definitely keep on diapering with flats and hanging my diapers outside.

On the flip side, there are some things that aren't working so well for me. Mainly, it's the washing part. It's not that I can't wash diapers by hand, it's more of a time thing. I was doing just fine the first few days when I would wash the diapers every time I had 3-4 dirty diapers. But then, I slacked a bit and let the diapers from the day pile up in the bucket. I had too many to wash in my little bucket, so I had to fill up the tub. It was much more time consuming and it just took the enjoyment out of handwashing. It's definitely best to stay on top of washing diapers, because once it goes for too long, it is overwhelming and then I just don't look forward to the washing.

The other thing that hasn't been working quite as well as I would have hope for has been night time diapering. Little Riley has woken up wet one morning and damp another. The other mornings he has been dry, so it's been about 50/50 for waking up dry. I'm still working on it though!  

So, there are some pros so far and some cons, but overall, it has been easier than I thought and I have found a new appreciation for the simplicity of flat diapers and line drying really appeals to me.

Are you taking the Flats and Handwashing Challenge? What's working for you? Anything not working for you?

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