Friday, May 3, 2013

The Little Hedgehog Cooks: Toddler Tofu Nuggets

The other night, I asked little Michael if he wanted chicken or tofu for dinner. He quickly answered, "Tofu!" I was trying to think of something different and fun to make for little Michael, when I came up with the idea to make him some Tofu Nuggets! I wanted something that he could pick up with his fingers or use his fork with and I wanted it to be a "dippable" item.

Here's how it all went down:

Little Michael wanted to help me make dinner, so, first we gathered our ingredients:
  • Flour,
  • 1 egg
  • Bread Crumbs
  • Spices (we used salt, pepper and paprika, but you could use any combo you know your little one loves)
  • Organic, Firm Tofu
  • Coconut Oil

 Next, we did our prep-work:
Step 1: Pour some flour into a shallow bowl
Step 2: Whisk 1 egg in a small bowl
Step 3: Pour some bread crumbs into a shallow bowl and then mix in spices

Step 4: Slice your tofu into large cubes (about chicken nugget size), then take a paper towel and firmly press onto the tofu to help absorb any extra liquid. (little Michael had fun doing this part!)
Step 5: Put a large pan on the oven on medium heat and melt 1 TBS or so of coconut oil in it

Time to make the Tofu Nuggets
Step 1: Dredge your tofu in flour (this is the part little Michael got to help with)

Step 2: Dip in the whisked egg
Step 3: Roll in the bread crumb mixture 

Step 4: Place in the pan on the stove, until the bottom is golden brown, then turn 

All done! 
Now, let them cool and put them on a plate for your little one with some fun dipping sauces and enjoy! Little Michaels dipping sauce of choice is hummus! Yum!

Does your little one have a favorite dinner meal or have you just discovered a new, easy to make meal?

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  1. Yum! So cute, the pic of him helping in the kitchen. My lil guy is still super picky, but I'll try anything. These look great!