Monday, May 13, 2013

5 Months Old!

 Little Riley-man is 5 (well, technically 5 and 1/2) months old now! He is such a happy little baby and loves laughing and braking out into smiles. His big brother makes him smile and laugh like crazy! He especially seems to enjoy watching little Michael run around. He watches him as if he's wondering why he can't do that too. Poor little Riley is teething like crazy! There is drool everywhere! Some days I go through 3 onesies in an afternoon because he gets so wet and soppy! 

Riley loves to grab onto his foot and roll from side to side. He has gotten really good at picking up toys or his paci when they are in front of him or if you hold it out for him to grab. He loves to be bounced and can really let out some good belly laughs when he's tickeled. He is turning into quite the talker too! He goos and gurgles, coos and even lets out some pretty loud squawks! He is starting to move toward to "potted plant" stage too! Oh my! He can sit up for just a moment before he rolls over to one side.


Riley has become really good at mimicking facial expressions. If you make a really big smile at him, his face will just start beaming! Riley has been playing peek-a-boo with us too! He will grab a burp rag or his little owl blanket and slowly cover his eyes. Then, sometimes, he waits for me to say, "Peek-a-boo!" and take the blanket off his eye or sometimes, he will take it off himself. Then he smiles and giggles! It is so cute!

Riley is still breastfeeding! Yay! I am so happy that we are at 5 and a half months and still going strong. We haven't started any foods yet. I have noticed Riley starting to watch me eat and he's giving me puppy dog eyes, as if he's trying to say, "feed me!" I'm not sure if we will start with purees at 6 months or maybe go with baby-led weaning. I haven't quite decided yet. 

I can't believe how quickly these last 5 months have gone by! Riley is getting so big! I especially notice how long he is when someone else is holding him. Slow down baby boy! Riley is such a happy little guy and he is definitely my little sunshine! Five moths have gone by - 5 months to keep getting to know about our wonderful baby boy!