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Mountain Rose Herbs Review & Giveaway!

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Mountain Rose Herbs is a wonderful company that takes great pride in offering the highest quality organic herbs, teas, essential oils and more. They go to great lengths to not only assure the best in quality and freshness, but they also seek to provide their products at competitive and reasonable prices.

"Since 1987 Mountain Rose Herbs has been known for its uncompromising commitment to organic agriculture and steadfast focus on the pure aesthetics and freshness of botanical products." --taken from website

Not only do they make it their top priority to provide the absolute finest products, but Mountain Rose Herbs believes that their business practices must be ethical, responsible and ecologically safe. They have an inspiring list of principles that guides everything at Mountain Rose Herbs. I definitely respect and admire what they stand for and the actions that they take to provide the best organic products and and forge ahead as a green company!

I was sent the Fairytale Blend Organic Herbal Tea, a Celestial Tea Strainer and their Rose Face Wash from their Facial Care line.

"The loose-leaf herbal teas offered by Mountain Rose Herbs are made with certified organic ingredients, and when organic materials are not available, we will opt for carefully wildharvested herbs. We never have, nor will we ever use conventionally grown materials in our teas which may contain pesticide residues and other harmful chemicals." --taken from website
The Fairytale Blend tea is certified organic and one of the many varieties of hand crafted, loose-leaf herbal teas that Mountain Rose Herbs offers. I was absolutely delighted with the Fairytale Blend! I was trying to decide between two different teas and was looking for one that I could share with little man. Jackie was so thoughtful and recommended that I try the Fairytale Blend, especially since she has seen how popular it is with little ones. It was definitely the right choice for us!  

I drink tea daily and little man always loves to help me make my tea - whether that is dropping the tea bag in water or helping to scoop loose-leaf tea into a strainer, he just loves "helping mama make tea". I had been thinking that it would be so fun and special to start sharing in a tea tradition with little man and this was the perfect opportunity!  

The  Fairytale Blend is: "A delicious drink for children and adults. A delightful and inspiring infusion blend full of flowers & fairy magic; perfect for bedtime stories. Contains: Organic Calendula flowers, organic Red Clover herb, organic Spearmint leaf, organic Lavender flowers,organic Lemon Balm, organic Catnip, organic Oatstraw, organic Lemon peel, organic Skullcap, organic Chamomile flowers, organic Thyme, and a pinch of organic Stevia." --taken from website

When you open the bag of tea, you can catch the scent of the spearmint and chamomile right away. I was impressed with how fresh and pleasant it smelled! When it is brewed, it has a pleasantly light flavor that really picks up on the spearmint and chamomile flavors with a hint of citrus and then a bit of sweetness in the finish from the Stevia. It is mild and is perfect to sit, sip and relax with! If you enjoy mint or chamomile teas, you will definitely love this tea! 

I decided to make tea a special occasion for little man and I, so I pulled my teapot, teacups and some small cups out for little man! My parents bought the raspberry teapot and matching teacups for me when I was a little girl and it is really special to me! I also pulled out some mini teacups for little man to use (they were originally espresso shot cups, but they are the perfect size for tiny hands). I put about 3 teaspoons of the loose-leaf tea in my teapot, boiled water and let it sit for about 10 minutes. Then, I poured the tea through the strainer and into the cups (I added an ice cube to little man's, to make it a more drinkable temperature). We sat at the kitchen table, ate homemade banana bread, drank tea and had so much fun just being together! It was lovely!

{This beautiful golden color of tea was from being brewed for about 10 min}

 Little man couldn't stop talking about having tea with mommy (and even for days after!). He was so sweet as he just kept exclaiming, "We're having tea TOGETHER!" and "Having tea like mama does!" over and over. Little man loved the flavor of the tea! In-between all of his happy exclamations and slurping noises, he just kept smacking his lips together and licking his lips. Little man and I both loved the tea and he was so excited to have "his own tea". Little man asks to have "tea together" almost every day and we do! I couldn't believe how enthusiastic he would be over it and I absolutely love sharing this little afternoon tradition with him. It is definitely special for us. 

"Mmmm... this tastes good!" --little man

 I was also sent the Rose Face Wash from their Facial Care line.  I have Oily to Combination Skin, but this winter, my skin (which still gets oily) has gotten dry, itchy and flaky! So, I was intrigued by this face wash, being that it was for Normal to Dry and Combination Skin. I asked Jackie if she thought this might be a good choice for me, since I have been experiencing such a change in my skin over the winter. She highly recommended this face wash and told me how the natural ingredients are perfectly suited for the job with their moisturizing properties.

The Rose Face Wash Contains: "Organic Castille soap (saponified organic oils of Coconut and Olive, organic Jojoba oil, organic Aloe Vera, and Rosemary extract), organic Rose flower water, Grapefruit seed extract, Vegetable Glycerine, Calendula extract, and a proprietary blend of essential oils including Rose Attar and Chamomile." --taken from website

The Rose Face Wash has a light, aromatic rose scent to it with a hint of herbal notes. I have been using it morning and night since the day I got it and it has really helped my skin! It is gentle enough for me (since I also have sensitive skin that gets red very easily), yet it is tough enough to wash away my makeup and the oils from the day. With previous sensitive skin face washes that I bought, I often found that they couldn't get all of my makeup off and I would feel like my skin was still oily, even after washing. My summertime face soap is perfect for hot, humid days, but this winter it has just stripped all of the moisture away from my face. 

Since using the Rose Face Wash, I have definitely noticed a change. My face still feels like it has moisture to it after I wash and my skin doesn't feel itchy anymore. I have noticed that the dry, flaky skin is starting to heal and it doesn't irritate my skin, so I don't have flushed, red cheeks after I wash my face. The face wash creates a nice, smooth lather and leaves my face feeling fresh and clean!


Overall, I really enjoyed the Fairytale Blend herbal teastrainer and the Rose Face Wash. The tea is exceptionally well crafted and it has such a wonderful flavor! It has been a delight to share with little man and also to enjoy an extra cup in the evenings or afternoons. At $5.25 for 3oz., it is very reasonably priced and I am already looking forward to ordering more tea! If you need a tea strainer, the Celestial Tea Strainer is just $6.75 and is so handy to use! The Rose Facial Wash has been a very helpful to use as well. I never, ever thought I would use a product for dry skin, but this face wash is formulated just right and is taking excellent care of my winter skin! It is $10.50 for an 8oz. bottle and I love that the list of ingredients are easy to pronounce, I know what they are and most of them are organic! I have truly and thoroughly enjoyed the products that I have tried from Mountain Rose Herbs and I know that it is a site that I will continue to shop from!

Bulk organic herbs, spices and essential oils. Sin

I definitely encourage you to check out the Mountain Rose Herbs site! There is so much wonderful information available and a great variety of products to shop for. In addition to loose-leaf teas and facial care items, Mountain Rose Herbs also offers wonderful organic selection of essential oils, bulk herbs and spices, bath and body care products and much, much more. They also offer Monthly Specials, where you can pick up a variety of different items at a great discount! You can also sign up for their newsletter to stay in the loop or request a catalog.

Mountain Rose Herbs has generously offered one of my readers the chance to win the same tea and tea strainer that they sent me! You can enter to WIN a 3oz bag of the Fairytale Blend tea (ARV $5.25) and a Celestial Tea Strainer (ARV $6.75)!

***Giveaway is open to the U.S. Entrants must be 18+ years old. The winner has 48 hours to respond before another winner is chosen.***

Giveaway will end March 8th at 12:01am EST.

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