Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mischief and Lavender

Yesterday morning hubby and little man brought me a cup of tea in bed. {Yay!} Hubby and I were sitting in bed, I was drinking tea and little man was keeping busy climbing in and out of our bed, flipping through a book and running around getting his sillies out. He wandered into our bathroom (which is connected to our master bedroom- there is no door to the bathroom, so you can see most of the bathroom from the bed) and since I knew thought there was nothing he could get into in the bathroom, I figured he was safe. 

Well, he was safe, but there was definitely mischief a-brewing! I realized, after a few minutes, that it was quiet ...too quiet. So, I quickly walked into the bathroom to see what little man was up to. He was having a blast! He had grabbed my aromatherapy bottle of lavender essential oil, that I had left sitting on the side of the tub from my bath, opened it (yes, he can open child safety lids!) and had vigorously shaken the entire contents of the bottle out while standing in the tub! Oh-my-goodness! The strong smell of lavender hit me like a ton of bricks (thank goodness it's such a relaxing/calming scent!) and I quickly started wiping up the droplets of lavender essential oil on the tub, in the tub and in the surrounding area. He got some great distance...let me tell you! Little man was covered in it and smelled like he had been tromping through a lavender field. He got a quick rinse and scrub in the shower and some fresh clothes. My bathroom on the other had, did not clean up quite so easily! Even though I had wiped down the lavender essential oil, there was still plenty that must have made it into the carpet (carpet in a bathroom? Weird, I know! What were the builders thinking!) and that did not come out so easily. Hours later as I was going upstairs, I got hit with it! It was if our entire upstairs was screaming, "LAVENDER!" It was a little intense. I opened up some windows to air the house out and by evening, the overwhelming smell of being inside of the lavender essential oil bottle was gone.

I wasn't even mad at little man. I think I actually just stood there and chuckled when I first saw him - standing in our tub, hands grasping a tiny bottle that he was shaking and flinging wildly...he was having a marvelous time! He probably thought that mommy left out a new toy! Haha! Lesson learned - never leave out anything that I don't want little man having the opportunity to open and dump...because he probably will. (Thank goodness it wasn't anything dangerous) Oh and I was reaffirmed in my believe that when there is too much silence, there is probably mischief afoot.

Time for a new bottle of lavender essential oil for me!


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