Sunday, January 29, 2012

While Daddy is Away, Mommy and Little Man will Play!

Hubby has been traveling for work lately...a lot! :( Little man and I have been keeping busy though, so we don't miss him too much and so that it feels like the days go by more quickly! 

Here is a peek at some of the fun adventures we've been up to this past week!

We made applesauce in the crock pot...and it's almost gone already! Little man looooves him some applesauce! I peel and chop the apples and then put them in a small bowl for him. Little man dumps them in the crock pot for me (and snitches some apple slices along the way). He is my big helper in the kitchen!

Little man discovered the colorful world of dry-erase marker! We practiced writing "W" for Wonder Pets (his favorite show!) and had fun scribbling, erasing and starting a fresh new picture!

 We finally went to the children's museum that is nearby. I have been wanting to go for so long! (Yes, I was just as excited as little man to go) Little man's first trip to the museum was awesome! It is the perfect place for him - he could touch, pull, twist, bang and climb on everything! We will definitely be going back!

Where does the time go? {Haha! Cheesy, I know.}


We had so much fun and little man is still talking about the children's museum!

 For some reason, little man is just fascinated by water raining down in the shower! He loves to stand in the tub and watch  the water from the shower run down the back wall of the shower.

Every weekend, we go to the farmer's market - I think it's the highlight of our week, since little man is always talking about the vegetables we see and buy! It makes for a great learning experience! It's so funny, because it seems like every time we go, someone always gives little man a "tasty treat"! Everything from tangerines, to bananas to cookies. I don't know what coy looks he's giving these people...those long lashes must be working overtime! 

My little monkey man eating on a banana at the farmer's market. {how fitting, huh?}

I hope you all have had an adventure-filled week! Do you have any children's museums near you or other fun activities that you like taking your little ones to? (I could use some ideas for hubby's next work trip!)

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