Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Making OJ!

We were given an 8lb bag of oranges just after the New Year and I knew we couldn't eat them all...so I picked up a citrus juicer! Little man just loves helping in the kitchen and has had so much fun with the juicer! Little man is a pro at making OJ...yum! We really enjoy using our new citrus juicer and I think we'll have to go to the farmer's market and pick up another bag!

Do you juice any fruits or veggies? 
 I was thinking on getting a bigger juicer to handle some things other than just oranges..any of my readers have suggestions or experience with juicers?



  1. this looks like a ton of fun. Was the juice good?

  2. The juice turned out pretty good - the oranges were a little tart, so I juiced some tangelos to add to the orange juice and that seemed to help sweeten it up. :)