Monday, January 16, 2012

All Done Cheesing

Little man got a haircut today! I think this is his third haircut so far... Gramma and Grampa were here for a visit, so I asked my mom to give little man a trim.

Little man went from this...
So cute and fluffy!

to this!

When he was all dusted off from the haircut, my dad started taking pictures and I was trying to get little man to flash a smile. I was being silly and saying "cheeeese!" to get little man to smile. Then, just as my dad was done taking pictures, little man exclaimed, "All done cheesing!" 

Haha...guess he was done being the center of attention. Or maybe, he was all done with mommy saying "cheeeese!" ;) Little man made us all laugh! He makes my heart so happy!

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