Thursday, September 15, 2011

Too Tight!

FYI- advance warning: This is a post filled with potty language (ie...potty training talk!)

"Too tight!" - This is little man's new favorite phrase! I almost wish that I hadn't taught him this, but I did. A week or two ago, I was putting his diaper on him and he started looking worried and grabbing at the diaper, like he was trying to take it off. I asked him, "Is your diaper too tight?" I think he thought that was code for, I get to take my diaper off! (thank goodness he can't undo snaps!) So, he just started repeating "too tight!" over and over. Occasionally, he would say "too tight!" and pull at his diaper or go to the gate at the bottom of the stairs and say "fresh diaper!" We change his diaper frequently, but no matter how often we did, he seemed to dislike getting a fresh diaper put on. This went on for a day or so and hubby and I began wondering if little man was ready for potty training. What?!? No! He's still a baby, right? Oh, wait...he just turned 22 months. Doesn't he need his diapers still? No, that's probably just me who loves his fluffy diapers and isn't ready to move onto the next stage. 

So, we started putting little man on his potty chair before and after nap-time and before his bath. Every time we put him on the potty, we have been reading little man the book, Potty
This is the potty chair (from Boon) that we have. I have mixed feelings about it - it is nice and sturdy, but little man loves playing with the side storage doors and they can become a distraction.

Little man loves the last page with the pictures of undies! Haha! Sometimes, he just wants to go straight to the undies page!

It started with him going on his potty once every other day. (Yay!) Then, yesterday, I put him on the potty chair a little more frequently and he went potty on it twice. (Double yay!) I have also switched to using mainly flat diapers and covers, so that little man can feel the wetness more when he does go. Little man has also been fascinated when anyone goes into the bathroom and loves proclaiming loudly, "Daddy going potty!" or "Mommy going potty!" So, then today, I started sitting him on the potty after breakfast and about every 15-30 minute increments after. He went in his potty twice! (Hooray!) It's actually super cute - when little man sits on the potty, he likes to be completely nekid...he always asks for his "shirt off"! He also will look down and if he hasn't gone potty yet, he'll throw one arm up in the air and proclaim, "Nothing yet!"
Little man must be catching on, because to my surprise, he ran over to the gate (we keep the potty on the other side of the gate, so it doesn't become a play toy), pulled at his diaper and said, "potty!" So I grabbed the potty, helped him sit on it and...  he went potty! 

Oh my! 
So, I could use some advice from those who have been there and done this whole potty training thing! Is potty training in the near future for little man (is this a novelty for him?) ...or am I already there?

Does anyone have any recommendations for training pants? Thoughts on potty chairs? Helpful hints, tips or other books to read? I really appreciate your advice!

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