Tuesday, September 27, 2011

(Almost) Wordless Wednesday: 'Stache

So.... my parents recently had to dig up their septic tank (eww... I know! They live in the country and well, they have a septic tank...anywho...) and they had refilled the hole with dirt (clean dirt). Little man was running around the front yard and tripped and fell face first into the pile of fresh dirt over the septic tank (of course! Just my luck!). I couldn't help but yelp out in disgust (and I have to admit that I did laugh too).  

I thought it looked just like he had a moustache! Haha! A poo-dirt moustache! Eww-y!

Poor little man!
...Get it off me mama!

Getting cleaned off at the garden hose ;)

Oh boy! What a day!

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