Monday, September 19, 2011

Go Green Event Sponsor Spotlight: Eco Lips

I am excited to introduce you to Eco Lips, another one of my wonderful sponsors for the Go Green Giveaway Event that is happening October 5-11! Eco Lips is an eco-friendly company that began when founder Andrea Danielson started making her own lip balms for friends and family in her kitchen! Today, Eco Lips lip balm is still handcrafted in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, they have been the first in their product field to create and design several innovative organic lip care products and packages and as always, their mission is to satisfying the needs of every customer, while maintaining their high eco-conscious and organic standards!

Eco Lips is more than just a lip balm. Their products help to propel the companies ideals of a healthy, active lifestyle and their goal of taking great care of the Earth. Eco Lips products feature certified organic ingredients to naturally help restore, nourish and heal your lips. Their eco-friendly practices don't stop at their ingredient list though! Eco Lips supports global organic farming and sustainable business practices, making sure that the sources they get their ingredients from can document their quality and organic practices. The Eco Lips product packaging is also an avenue where they seek to employ eco-friendly alternatives. Everything from their cardboard displays, the packing peanuts, the lip balm containers and their carabiners are made with recycled materials. Eco Lips definitely sets an example as a company that is going above and beyond to exemplify eco-conscious business practices that not only benefit their customers, but the planet as well.

I love their slogan as well!

I got the opportunity to try three of the Eco Lips products:
on an Eco Clip. They arrived quickly and the timing was perfect- we were headed to the beach for the weekend! The wind and the salty air always do a number on my lips and I was happy to test them out over a sunny, Southern California weekend! 

First, I tried the Eco Lips ONE WORLD Renew - Rejuvenating Lip Balm in the Orange Spice flavor.
The Eco Lips ONE WORLD(R) lip balms fuse Fair Trade Certified(TM) Cocoa Butter, USDA Organic Certified ingredients and exotic oils from around the globe to bring you beautifully crafted lip balms with amazing properties packaged in large 0.25 oz tubes made with 40% recycled material. --taken from website
   When I first opened the cap, I took a little "sniff" to see what it smelled like - it was just lovely! Inspired by the spices of Morocco, it smells similar to Orange Zinger tea, with a hint of a more natural, real orange scent. This one was definitely my favorite scent!  I love that the tube is fatter than your typical lip balm, it gave it a nice weight and it made it very easy to find in my purse. The Renew - Rejuvenating Lip Balm contains Argan Oil, which is rich in essential fatty acids and sterolins. These help aid in cell-renewal, in fighting free radicals and they contribute to the anti-aging process. It is also rich in Vitamin E, an antioxidant that helps to improve skin texture. When I applied the lip balm, it felt silky smooth and I was genuinely impressed at how long the lip balm actually lasted on my lips! It felt like it was still moisturizing long after I had applied the lip balm! Not only did it smell wonderfully natural and orange-y, but it left my lips feeling moisturized and soft! 

I also really appreciate that the ingredient list is short and has so many organic components!
Ingredients: Fair Trade Certified(TM) Cocoa Butter, Organic Sunflower Seed Oil, Organic Beeswax, Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Organic Argan Oil, Vitamin E, Organic Essential Oils of Sweet Orange, Fennel Seed, and Cardamom.
Next, I tried the Eco Tints Tinted Lip Care in the Rose Quartz shade. 
Eco Tints by Eco Lips moisturize your lips and provide a sheer tint in your choice of six shades. Perfect for that switch from work to evening, or any time you need to freshen up your look. Organic plant oils, beeswax, and aloe vera harmonize with natural earth minerals to provide a beautiful shimmering glow. --taken from website
It is a beautiful, subtle shade of pink that has a hint of shimmer to it. When I applies it to my lips, it blended very naturally and gave my lips just a hint of a rosy glow. For a tinted, shimmery lip balm, I was actually impressed with how long the color lasted. I put some on in the afternoon and I could still see a little bit of color on my lips after I ate dinner! Now, it does say that it is flavored with vanilla, which I found it to be a very subtle scent and hard to pick up on. Overall, I would say that this is a lovely and natural looking tinted lip balm, it glides on easily and I feel that although the color is subtle, it does last for a long time.

I also appreciated that the Eco Tints have a short ingredient list and all items marked with a "*" are Certified Organic Ingredients.

Ingredients: *Organic Sunflower Oil, *Organic Beeswax, *Organic Castor Oil, *Organic Coconut Oil, *Organic Vanilla, *Organic Aloe Vera, Vitamin E, Iron Oxides, Mica, Titanium Dioxide, Candelilla Wax. 

Lastly, I tried the Eco Lips Gold USDA Certified Organic Lip Balm that came on an Eco Clip

Experience the difference with Eco Lips Premium line.  Made with the finest certified organic ingredients, these lip balms soothe and heal chapped lips quickly and will keep your lips moist, soft, and supple. --taken from website

I loved this lip balm! Not only is it organic, but it is incredibly silky and my lips felt softer immediately! It is definitely a premium lip balm and I could tell the difference right away. It is unflavored and made with the finest certified organic jojoba oil. It is also USDA Certified Organic and naturally high in vitamin E. I felt really good about applying this to little man's lips when we were out on the beach. I knew it would help keep his lips protected from the sun, wind and salty air. Also, since it is organic, I felt good about the ingredients being on his lips, knowing that it will probably get licked off! If a lip balm can make your lips feel plumper, (not in an injection way, but a moisturized, pillow-y way!) this lip balm definitely delivers! This is perfect for the whole family and it glides on so smoothly!

I also loved that it came on an Eco Clip Carabiner! It is made of recycled aluminum and was just perfect for keeping my Gold Lip Balm handy! I clipped it to my purse right away and saved myself so much time from having to dig and hunt for lip balm! It also helped to remind me to apply it when we were at the beach this weekend, since it was always in plain sight. It is the perfect size to clip to your purse, key chain, belt loop, book-bag, gym bag, back pack, or whatever else you need to clip it to!

I really appreciated that the Gold Balm has such a short ingredient list (it's the shortest out of the 3!) and all items marked with a "*" are Certified Organic Ingredients.

Ingredients: *Organic Jojoba Oil, *Organic Sunflower Oil, *Organic Beeswax, Vitamin E, *Organic Calendula Extract, Vitamin A.

Overall, I loved all three of the Eco Lips products that had the opportunity to try, they were a treat for my lips and are such a great every-day product to use! It is wonderful knowing that the ingredients are wholesome and almost every single ingredient is organic. Little man, hubby and I enjoyed our trip to the beach and left with soft, happy lips (no wind-burned lips for us!). Eco Lips is a company that cares about the products that they provide to their customers and they actively seek out ways to be even more eco-conscious and earth-friendly. I definitely recommend taking a peek at the amazing selection of lip balms from Eco Lips -  you are sure to find a lip balm that will make you or any member of your family happy!

Eco Lips is one of the sponsors for the Go Green Event (happening October 5-11) and they have generously offered one of the winners an Eco Lips Gold Balm (ARV $3.49) on an Eco Clip (ARV $1.99)!

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Go Green Giveaway Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between October 5-11to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!
You can connect with Eco Lips on Facebook as well as Twitter. You can also shop for their products in the Eco Lips Store!