Friday, September 17, 2010

Zoe & Sprout Review

I love, love, love fun and unique clothing for my little man! I also really love it when I can find him something that is one of a kind and comes from a company that I feel like I can support their business practices. A company like Zoe & Sprout. I recently had the opportunity to review a Zoe & Sprout onesie and it is fabulous! Zoe & Sprout and their fun, funky fashion was founded with 3 simple goals in mind:
1. Create fashionable, funny, and original clothes that make people smile, laugh, and occassionaly even blush.

2. Sell only the highest quality and ultra comfortable onesies and tees at affordable prices.

3. Be responsible - make environmentally and socially sound choices, treat customers like friends, and give back to the community through charitable giving.
They definately accomplished all 3 in my mind! Looking through their selection of onesies, tees, caps and pants, I laughed... a lot! Here are some of my favorites:
What Happens in Vegas organic onesie - $21
Backseat Driver onesie - $21
Bald is Beautiful organic cap - $9.99
Lil' Bit Country, Lil' Bit Rock-n-Roll twinset tees - $40
Their clothes come in super-soft 100% interlock cotton and are not only sturdy, but they manage to be soft and silky with very high quality printing on them! Another plus is that they are sweatshop free and made in America.
I chose the EAT. SLEEP. POOP. organic onesie in apple green for my little man, because well, he does all three so well and I loved that the "POOP" picture looked like a cloth diaper!

 The onesie was sooo soft and comfy on little man and I love that they have organic options for their apparel. The apple green color was more of a neon green and I wasn't sure at first, but when I put it on my little man, I thought it was such a fun color! He doesn't have anything else like it in his wardrobe and I think it fits perfectly with the Zoe & Sprout fun, funky fashion motto!

Why organic? And why does Zoe & Sprout choose to provide organic fashion for little ones? Well, did you  know that "...10% of the world's pesticides and 25% of the world's insecticides are used each year for cotton production? Zoe & Sprout is committed to limiting the size of the footprint we leave on the Earth. Organic cotton is unbelievably soft and comfy on the skin and it only gets softer with each washing! Our organics are made in India in a fair labor environment and are GOTS certified." I prefer to choose organic when I can because I knew it was better for my little man and his still developing body, and I really appreciate companies that go the extra step to not only provide the best for their customers but care to educate them as well.

There is a Zoe & Sprout logo on the back of the onesie that is just a shade darker than the onesie
Zoe & Sprout have some fun and funky fashion for sure! You should check out the Zoe & Sprout site and see all of the great items they have for sale! You won't be disappointed! Also, make sure that you check out their Facebook page to see some of the new designs and show them some love!

Did you check out their site and find a favorite shirt, onesie or cap? I'd love to know what your favorite is!

Thank you to Zoe & Sprout  for providing me with the opportunity to review their product at no cost to myself. The item received have not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on these products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Zoe & Sprout for sponsoring this review! 

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  1. I'm a new follower, and honestly Laughed OUT loud at the "I'm what happens in Vegas" shirt! Toooo stinkin cute!!! :)