Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Adventures in Cloth Diapering

Last month was a long month, a long month away from my hubby. He travels for work and although this doesn't happen often (thank goodness), he ended up getting scheduled to work for almost the entire month! So, my wonderful mom thought that she would come for a visit to help me out with little Michael and keep me company. About half-way through the month, we decided to drive up to see my dad, brother and the rest of my family who live on the Monterey By. I really debated whether or not to bring my cloth diapers. I had never traveled with them before and I wasn't sure how it would go. Should I buy disposables and make things "easy" or tough it out and learn how to cloth diaper while away from home? Well, I weighed my options and decided that I could do it! I would travel with cloth diapers! I love little Michael's cloth diapers, they are so cute on him, soft, better for him and what a waste of money it would be to go out and buy disposables! Besides, my mom had the same washer I did and she had a clothes line, so it would really be the same in the wash and dry arena. So, we packed up the car, I made a mental list, I checked it twice and we hit the road!
Stopping for a diaper change and some out-of-the-car-seat time!

Well, we got to my parents house safe and sound and the family loved getting to spend some time with little Michael!
 My brother and little Michael

The next day I went to go wash little mans cloth diapers. I had everything there: Diapers, check, washing machine, check, detergent, che... wait a minute... the detergent! Oh no! I had forgotten my brand new bag of Rockin' Green at home!!! Darn it, I always forget something when I travel!!! I told my mom what I did and I promptly sat down at the computer to research cloth diaper detergents that might be sold in the stores locally. Oh dear...Monterey is a small town and I guess not too big on cloth diapering stores. My option was to try a little shop in town or drive all the way to Santa Cruz to another shop. Then I read that some people had used Planet detergent with luck and it was available at Whole Foods, So I called my dad and he picked some up for me on his way home from work. I was skeptical, I had never heard of Planet detergent before. I was nervous, I was so worried that I would ruin my cloth diapers! Well, I washed my diapers in Planet and when I opened up the washing machine, I took a good long whiff and... nothing! I didn't smell any stinkies! Oh yeah! I hung them out on the clothes line to dry and I haven't had any problems with them repelling or leaking or anything! (Although, I am back home now and back to using my Rockin' Green) I was so happy to find a detergent that was available to use in a pinch! What a life saver! Next time I travel, I am writing down a physical list and making sure I remember the detergent, haha! Somehow, I don't think I'll be making that mistake again though. I am happy to say that my fears about travelling with cloth have fallen to the wayside. Even with the detergent issue, I am so happy that I brought little man's cloth diapers. It wasn't as hard as I thought it would be and his little fluffy butt looked so cute!

The trip had one other surprise in hubby got to come for a 3 day visit to Monterey! He had 3 days off and was able to fly in for a quick visit! We planned a family picnic to Carmel beach for a pleasant Saturday afternoon. Now, on the Monterey Bay, pleasant in the summer means it's not raining and it's above 65 degrees! It isn't very warm there until early fall. But, I grew up going to the Carmel beach and I wanted little Michael's first beach experience to be the same beach that I grew up on. So, we packed a lunch, got to the beach and spread out our blankets. Little Michael promptly dove for the sand, grabbed a handful and attempted to put it in his mouth! I put a stop to that and we decided to take off his shoes and socks, roll up his pants and let him feel the sand between his toes. Oh dear me, it was not a good idea! Little Michael did NOT like the sand! I'm not sure if it was because the sand did not provide a firm surface to stand on or if it was the texture, but either way, he burst into tears and wanted nothing to do with it! It was so sad to see, but I knew I had to capture the moment on camera too!

After he calmed down, we thought that maybe he would like the ocean better. He loves the water and he might love the ocean too! 

Not so much...again we had waterworks! Poor baby! We then decided that the beach isn't for our little man just yet. 

All he wanted was to be held, so we snuggled him and then kept him safe and sound above the sand for the rest of the afternoon. Oh and one other fun tidbit... little Michael decided that he needed to go number the beach! (Revenge?) It is not easy to change a poopy diaper on the beach with sand and cloth wipes and cloth diapers and wet bags and a little boy who is wriggling all over the place! But we did it! Thankfully I had some extra hands to help! I feel so bad that he didn't like the beach, but in some ways, I am happy to have the memory of little Michael's first beach experience, even if it was traumatic!

So, the adventures in cloth diapering came to an end... it was an eventful trip and an adventure that I am so glad that I took! I love cloth diapering Michael and I can't wait for the next adventure in our life with them!

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