Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Zoe Organics Review

I recently had the opportunity to learn about the company Zoe Organics and try some of their products. Zoe Organics is a company that stands for the highest in quality, aesthetics, and social responsibility. They focus on celebrating and cultivating life in order to honor mothers and babies. Zoe means “life,” or more specifically, “life as God intended.” (I think that is just beautiful.) The company Zoe Organics grew and came into being because as mommies, Heather and Suzanne Hamilton saw the need for a "truly natural, organic line that combined luxury, health and wellness, and social responsibility." Heather and Suzanne evaluated other product lines and found that many fell short of their expectations. Shortly after Suzanne Hamilton's sad passing, Zoe Organics was born. 

Zoe Organics "mission is to celebrate and protect the lives of our children, family, community and planet. Zoe Organics uses only the most pure, organic ingredients because we believe in the necessity of eliminating toxins from our bodies and the environment." With Zoe Organics, you won't have to give up quality for a pretty bottle or ever worry about a bad reaction from a mystery "fragrance."

I had the opportunity to review the Organic Baby Balm (0.6 oz balm tube is $10), the Gentle Hair & Body Wash (5.25 fl oz bottle with foaming pump is $14) and the Organic Baby Bath Tea (10 unbleached muslin bags are $18).

The Baby Bath Tea was the first product that really caught my eye because I had never seen anything like it before. It is a muslin bag that has oatmeal and lavender (which are natural cleansers), calendula and chamomile flowers (they work to reduce redness and inflamation) and cocoa butter shavings (for a moisturizer). I used the Baby Bath Tea the first day we got it at bath time. Little man has been teething pretty badly and his nose has been a little runny, so I thought this would be a nice treat for him. I soaked the tea bag in his bath water for a few minutes, then squeezed the tea bag to release tea into water, then I plunked my little man in. 
It was really neat! It turned the water a kind of light cloudy tan and it smelled really good! I could deffinately pick up on the lavender and chamomile - perfect for a relaxing bedtime bath to send little man off to dream land! I rubbed the tea bag on little man like the directions said and it was soft and silky! My little man would watch me squeeze it to get the tea out and then he started playing with it and would squeeze it against his belly! So cute! The Baby Bath Tea is a wonderful bath time cleanser and would be perfect for a newborn or baby with sensitive skin or just because you are looking for a great organic line of bath products for your little one! This product also receives a perfect score of “zero” in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database!

Next, we tried the Gentle Hair & Body Wash is made with "old-world style castile soap," pure organic oils of coconut, sunflower and castor seed, and it is naturally scented with lavender and mandarin essential oils. The Gentle Hair & Body Wash does not have any surfactants (those icky chemicals that make body wash lather up) so that is why it is in a foaming pump. This is a wonderfully mild body wash that foams really well and I love foam pumps because they are so much easier to use than tipping a bottle over every time you need more soap! A little bit  of the This is a wonderfully mild body wash that foams really well! A little bit of the Gentle Hair & Body Wash goes a long way in cleaning my little man from head to toe!

 The Baby Balm is one of those nifty versatile, you can use it for anything balms. It works to protect, soothe and moisturize skin naturally and is made with shea butter, coconut and jojoba oils. It works on dry or chapped skin, cheeks and lips, scrapes, burns, rashes, and it can also be used as a barrier from wind and moisture. Now, little man doesn't really have too sensitive of skin, but he does get dry patches on his back every now and then, so this has been really handy to keep with me throughout the day. I also like to use it on his face at night. I put a little on my fingers and massage it onto his face right before bed. He gets a little rashy around his mouth from all the drool that he leaks due to teething. Little man also gets little rashy bumps on his cheeks and around his nose from time to time and I really like using the Baby Balm to help clear it up. I even used it on a bug bite that I got on my arm and it stopped the itching and reduced the swelling and redness super quickly! This product also receives a perfect score of “zero” in the Skin Deep Cosmetic Database!

 I loved the Zoe Organics products that I got to try out with my little man. The packaging is simply beautiful and there is so much detail that has gone into it- the lettering on the labels is even embossed! I love the relaxing colors that were used on the labels as well, no annoyingly cartoon-y characters staring back at me or overly bright bottles glaring from their spot by the tub. I also really appreciate the extra effort that Zoe Organics takes to make sure that their products are not tested on animals, and contain no parabens, phthalates, sulfates, surfactants, petrochemicals, animal products (except organic beeswax), or artificial colors or fragrances. Zoe Organics is all about making eco-conscious choices and that look and perform beautifully! 

Zoe Organics has earned a special place as part of our bath time routine and I look forward to being able to pamper mommies and their babies with products from the Zoe Organics collection next time I have a baby shower to go to! My little man sure is enjoying all his new found, good-for-him organic goodies!

Some of the other products in the Zoe Organics collection are the Organic Baby Massage Oil (2.5 fl oz glass bottle for$16), Organic Diaper Balm (2 oz glass jar for $16) and you can even buy a Organic Baby Gift Box ($85), which is a beautifully packaged gift set of the 5 Zoe Organics products- it would be perfect as a baby shower gift!  

Want to do some shopping? You can buy Zoe Organics on their website here: http://zoe-organics.com/

Also, for the next week, Heather from Zoe Organics has offered my readers a 20% discount using the coupon code: littlehedgehogblog. This coupon code is good from 9/14-9/21, so hurry on over to get your shopping done! Thank you Heather!  

Special note: Because Zoe Organics uses paypal, they don’t have a special feature for entering in coupon codes to apply a discount immediately. So, enter the coupon code in the “notes to seller” and Zoe Organics will refund 20% after the order is placed.  

Thank you to Zoe Organics  for providing me with the opportunity to review some of their products at no cost to myself. The items received have not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on these products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Zoe Organics for sponsoring this review! 

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