Thursday, October 13, 2011

Tropical Traditions Coconut Flour Review & Giveaway!

I was so excited to work with Tropical Traditions again and have the chance to review their Organic Coconut Flour! Coconut flour is gluten-free, high in fiber and high in protein! Tropical Traditions even takes the extra step to produce organic coconut flour from organic coconuts!

Tropical Traditions makes their coconut flour from the fiber of the coconut meat, once most of the oil has been extracted to make Virgin Coconut Oil. Their coconut flour is certified organic, unsweetened, and has not been treated with sulfites. Also, since organic coconut flour contains natural sugar from the coconut meat, baked goods need less sugar!  

This is what the coconut flour looks like, up close and personal..
Tropical Traditions sent me a 2.2 lbs. bag of their Organic Coconut Flour to try. Now, we don't have any gluten allergies in our home, but I do enjoy trying things that are gluten free (and what has surprised me is that little man prefers some things that are gluten free) and of course, I love that it is organic. 

I have never used an alternative to wheat flour before, so, I looked at some of recipes that I found on the Tropical Traditions Free Coconut Recipes blog! I wasn't quite sure what to make, but I kind of had a sweet tooth, so I asked hubby and little man if they would prefer muffins or cookies. Little man kept saying "Muffins. Muffins? Muffins! Muffins..." so, I went with the Quick Gluten Free Coconut Muffins recipe (loved that "quick" was in the title, since it's probably not a good idea to keep a hungry toddler waiting too long)

All the ingredients (minus the dried shredded (or flaked) coconut, which I didn't have)
Little man was such a big helper! He helped stir and lined my muffin pan!

Half-way through, I decided to add raspberries to the mix (raspberry coconut muffins...yum!)

 These muffins were so, so, so yummy! What amazed me the most was that both versions tasted completely different! The originals tasted slightly sweet with a hint of coconut. They weren't overly sugary either. These were little man's favorite! The version with raspberries in it almost tasted like a fluffy, raspberry pancake! Hubby and I loved both versions and the whole batch was gone in two days! Although, honestly, I could have polished them all off then and there!

One thing I really liked was that the flour has so much protein and fiber in it. These would make a perfect morning muffin and they are also great with an afternoon cup of coffee! Looking through the recipes on the Free Coconut Recipes blog, I was just amazed at how many different uses there are for Tropical Traditions organic coconut flour! It can be added to shakes and smoothies, you can use it as a thickener in soups and sauces, you can make desserts, entrees, pizza dough - the possibilities are endless! I think I'm going to make the Coconut Flour Chocolate Cake next!

Overall, I am very pleased with Tropical Traditions Organic Coconut Flour! I love that it is organic and that it's natural, mild sweetness gives baked goods a nice flavor with a hint of coconut. I am really excited to start trying more recipes that use coconut flour!  

You can BUY Tropical Traditions
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