Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go Green Event Sponsor Spotlight: The Willow Store and the Sprout Change Training Pant

I am excited to introduce you to The Willow Store and their product line, Sprout Change. The Willow Store is another one of my wonderful sponsors for the Go Green Giveaway Event that is happening October 5-11! The Willow store is an eco-friendly, mom-inspired company that began when founder, Catherine Bolden, created WillowPads and The Willow Store back in 2005! The Willow Store has since expanded to include products for natural living, natural laundry, reusable diapers, natural feminine care and for the natural child. The Willow Store has a strong mission statement that they have based their company on and it is what drives The Willow Store and their product offerings: 
 "We are committed to supporting a Reusable Future. The Earth is not disposable—and we need to treat her with the respect that she deserves, with reusable products that are sustainable for the environment and our economy. Reusables are our future, and we are passionate about making a difference, for our children, and for the Earth." --taken from the website
 The Willow Store has also created a unique diaper and training pant, the Sprout Change. Sprout Change diapers and training pants were invented by mom, Catherine Bolden out of the desire to provide the best for babies and the environment. The goal was for parents to feel like they could make a difference in their children's lives, one diaper change at a time.  Sprout Change is a truly unique system, with both a reversible, one-size diaper system and one-size training pants, you can have your little one covered from birth to potty training with the Sprout Change line!

One thing that I love about The Willow Store, their Sprout Change line and their other product lines is that they are all made in USA! The Willow Store is also committed to the highest quality products that are green, safer for ones health and the environment, and save money. They have founded their company on these principals and I am so incredibly impressed by their high standards and desire to benefit their customers and the environment!
Isn't the Chocolate color just beautiful and yummy looking?!
I was so excited when I found out that I would be reviewing the Sprout Change Training Pant! I received the Chocolate Training Pant with and Organic inner. It was perfect timing too, since little man is working on potty training (and he has been doing so well)!!! The Sprout Change Training Pants are a one-size training pant that have been designed to give you a custom fit for children 20-50lbs. They are great for containing accidents while little ones are learning and even great for overnights! The outer layer is waterproof PUL, which keeps clothes dry, and for the inner, you can choose either Organic or StayDry. Pull-on for independent kids, snap off in case of accidents. 
 The Sprout Change Training Pants have snaps on the sides, so that you can quickly and easily remove the training pant if your little on has an accident. It also has some stretch to it, so that you little one can be a bit more independent and pull down their training pant when they need to use the potty! 
The Sprout Change Training Pants are also completely customizable to fit your little one. You simply unsnap the snaps on the wings and adjust the buttons and elastic to get the right fit around your little ones legs and tummy. I really love that this is an adjustable one-size diaper and that I can make it a little looser or snugger for little man. It is great not to have to second guess what size to buy, because you simply adjust it for the best fit! 

I have loved using The Sprout Change Training Pants for little man!The organic lining is sooo incredibly soft! Oh my, oh my...I love the way it feels! I'm sure little man appreciated the softness against his skin as well, he just can't really verbalize that yet. ;) Now, I'm crossing my fingers here, but little man hasn't actually has any accidents in his Sprout Change Training Pants! He really is doing so well and I am continually impressed at how great he is doing at "holding it" until he sits on his potty. He does have his accidents, but we are definitely making progress! He's not completely potty trained and we still use diapers at nap-time and night-time...but I will definitely be using The Sprout Change Training Pant for nap-time and night-time, when we make the switch. I feel that the PUL cover, as well as the soft, organic lining would be able to contain some leaking and prevent major flooding. :) 
Little man practicing pulling his trainers up and down. He's so proud of himself!
I found that the customization aspect of the training pants took a little practice for me to master. It was easier for me when I let little man lay down while I adjusted it. The elastic and button adjustment system proved to be a bit trickier than I thought it would be (or maybe it was the wiggly toddler who was trying to climb the closest chair as I was trying to make adjustments...). Either way, on my first attempt to tighten the adjustable elastic along the back, the elastic slipped out of my grasp, the wiggly toddler escaped (training-pant-less!) and the elastic was lost! *sigh* I was able to pull the elastic out through the other side, attach a safety pin and then hubby used a magnetic telescoping wand to pull the safety pin through and re-fasten the elastic for me (technical, I know!). Lesson learned: don't try to adjust sides on a toddler who would rather be anywhere else but standing in front of you ...or just make sure you have a firm grasp on the elastic! Looking back now, it was kind of funny.
Overall, I thought the Sprout Change Training Pants from The Willow Store were wonderful! I really can't get over how soft the organic inner is and it makes me want to have a whole blanket make of this! I love that the trainer are organic, made in the USA and they are perfect for little man as he masters the art of pulling up and pulling down training pants - giving him the freedom to use the potty when he needs to! Reusable training pants are such a wonderful way to save money while potty training and if you already cloth diaper, it is such an easy transition! The quality and care that goes into their trainer is so noticeable and I love that they carry so many organic products. The Willow Store is definitely going to be a resource for me to purchase more items for little man, hubby and I and our home!  

The Willow Store is one of the sponsors for the Go Green Event (happening October 5-11) and they have generously offered one of the winners a Sprout Change Training Pant in their choice of color with an organic inner (ARV $19.95)!

This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Go Green Giveaway Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between October 5-11to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!
You can connect with The Willow Sore on Facebook as well as Twitter. You can also shop for their products on The Willow Store website!


  1. Ooh! I want one of these! I love how soft it looks! :-)

  2. we're *almost* fully PLed but it happened overnight so I wasn't prepared with trainers and things. Now I'm not sure if I should buy them or not. I'd LOVE to try these overnight (still some accidents then)