Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween!

I hope that everyone is having a happy, fun and safe Halloween! We have been having a great day so far (well, minus little man taking a tumble into a door frame that required a band-aid and then the tumble outside, where little man tripped and landed on his cheek! Poor baby!) and I have been having lots of fun with food! This morning I made "Ghost-y" Quinoa Pancakes with blueberries for the eyes and mouth! {idea for the "ghost-y" shape from Pinterest

Boo! "Ghost-y's cooking on the griddle!
Ahhh! It's a ghost! With a side of apple-pear sauce and raspberry jam for dipping.

For part of lunch, little man has pumpkin puree mixed in with come plain yogurt and then some freshly grated nutmeg and cinnamon on top! Yum!

Want some?
We decorated our front porch to get ready for trick-or-treaters and the bowl of candy is ready and waiting! Last night, I made this fun little door "wreath"  {another fun Pinterest craft project!}

Little man playing with his pumpkin...he loves to roll it around like it's a bowling ball!

Then, we had to have some fun, festive books for the day and some Halloween coloring pages! Little man's "little buddy" monster is waiting for him to wake up from his nap, so they can read together!

 Happy Halloween!
I hope you all enjoy the day and evening - whether you are staying in or going out!

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