Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Go Green Event Sponsor Spotlight: Sprig Toys

I am excited to introduce you to Sprig Toys, a wonderful company that creates fun toys that fuel the imagination! Sprig Toys is another one of my wonderful sponsors for the Go Green Giveaway Event that is happening October 5-11! Sprig Toys is an eco-friendly company that has dedicated themselves to making the best toys, the right way. The inspiration behind Sprig Toys comes from their desire to motivate children towards a healthier lifestyle through active, imaginative play and at the same time, they want to make a positive impact on the planet.
"Team Sprig is dedicated to infusing creativity, smart design, quality manufacturing, earth-friendly materials, product satisfaction and responsible business practices into a superior line of fun, kid-powered toys." --taken from the website.

Sprig Toys has an awesome collection of "battery-free, eco-friendly, paint-free, kid-powered toys" that would be a treat for any little one to play with! There are four collections that Sprig Toys offers: The Adventure Series, Sprig Hollow, Eco-Trucks and Story Builders. Not only are they cute, sturdy and look colorful, but they are wonderfully eco-friendly as well! Sprig Toys are made with recycled "Sprigwood", which is reclaimed sawdust and recycled plastic! I think that it is amazing that they have found a way to reclaim materials that would otherwise be thrown out and then re-purpose them into toys! All of their materials are sourced in the USA as well! These toys are safe, fun and ready for whatever adventures await your little one!
I was so excited when I was sent The Loader from the Sprig Eco-Trucks line to review (or, rather for little man to review)! 
It is a great truck with a cab that flips open and a handle that makes it super easy for little man to grab a hold of an maneuver around. The Loader is perfect for scooping up anything that little man's heart desires - from Duplo's to sand! I also love that it is extremely sturdy, since little man isn't necessarily "careful" or "gentle" with his toys, I know that this is a truck that can take his energy and excitement and won't break. 
Little man just loves pushing it around the island in our kitchen and saying "Scooop! Scooop! Dump!" as he picks up and unloads toys from The Loader! This has been an awesome toy for little man to play with and I love hearing his "Brrrrr... Vrooom!" sounds rather than the loud, animated music of a battery powered toy!
Little man circling the island making "Brrr...Vrooom!" noises!

Overall, I thought the Sprig Toys Loader was an excellent toy! I really can't express how much fun little man has had with it! I really appreciate the lengths that Sprig Toys, as a company, has gone to to ensure that they are producing safe, quality toys for little ones that benefit the earth. They have definitely taken the idea of using reclaimed and recyled products to a new level. Sprig Toys are definitely a line of toys that I would love to have in our home and have for little man to play with - I just love all the different trucks and the Sprig Adventure Guides! Those little "people" are so cute!   

Sprig Toys is one of the sponsors for the Go Green Event (happening October 5-11) and they have generously offered one of the winners an Eco-Truck Loader (ARV $14.99) for their little one to adventure with!
This prize is up for grabs on my blog during the Go Green Giveaway Event! Be sure to come back to my blog between October 5-11to enter for a chance to WIN this awesome prize!
You can connect with Sprig Toys on Facebook as well as Twitter. You can also shop for their products on the Sprig Toys website or find a retail store near you!