Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Adventures in Potty Training!

Little man has been working on potty training lately and is doing great! (Yay!) We are down to just two diapers a day. (*tear* I miss the fluffy diapers!) He just wears one for nap-time and one for bed-time. Sometimes a third diaper gets into the mix, if we go out for the day. Even with a diaper for outings, little man is still really, really good about letting us know if he needs to use the potty. 

So today, it was just little man and I. We headed to a nearby outdoor shopping center and the grocery store. On the way to the store, little man starts saying, "Go potty? Potty!" I told little man that we were almost to the store and then we would go to the potty! I asked him if he could hold it and told him about the "special little potty" that they had just for him. This shopping center is great, they are so family friendly! They have a family bathroom that has a kid sized, mini potty and sink! So, we made it to the shopping center and I quickly took little man straight to the bathroom. At home, he likes to have his pants off, but since he had shoes on, I figured I would just pull his pants down and leave them on. Little man was a champ ans sat right on the potty! Well, he really, really did have to go! And he went a lot! I couldn't believe he was able to hold it so well!


Unfortunately, because the potty was so small, (and there wasn't a nice little tinkle "guard" for boys) he got his pants wet. *Mommy fail* If I had just taken his pants off or situated him on the potty differently! Argh! Luckily, I keep a spare set of clothes in the car for little man. So, I let little man know how proud I was of him for going in the special little potty, he got to wash his hands in the cute, little sink and then I took him back to the car for a fresh change of pants. Thank goodness for cute cloth diapers, since I just carried him back to the car in his shirt and diaper. :)

Then we were off to start our shopping! Ten minutes later, little man started saying "Potty! Potty? Go Potty?" I asked little man if he really, really needed to go potty or if he was just telling mama that he had gone potty. He let me know, "Really, really need to go potty!" So, back to the bathroom we went! This time I made sure to take his pants and shoes off! Well, what do you know! He had to go! (This time we were much more successful at keeping everything in the potty that was supposed to go in the potty) I was so proud! 
Next stop, the grocery store! We had just made it in the store and were in the produce section, when little man suddenly stopped pointing at numbers and said, "Potty! Really, really go potty!" Seriously? Again? So, off we trekked to the bathroom. Shoes off - check. Pants off- check. Diaper off- check. I hoist little man up onto my hip as I adjusted the toilet seat cover and then...I start to feel something warm. Yikes! I quickly transferred little man to the toilet! He didn't even skip a beat and finished doing his thing. I was telling little man how great he was doing at telling mommy when he needed to go potty and then I just started chuckling. I mean, I haven't been whizzed on since he was a bitty baby! I couldn't believe it! I got little man dressed again as I was thinking how silly it was that I didn't have a change of clothes for me in the car! Luckily, the bathroom had a hand dryer in it, so I just dabbed the "wet spot" with some water and dried it off. No one was the wiser and I got to finish our grocery shopping with a proud little man who kept exclaiming how he went potty on a special potty! 

By the end of our trip, I felt pooped! (haha!) I wasn't sure if we left the house to spend the entire time in public restrooms, while narrowly avoiding disaster, or if they were just minor detours from the shopping trip. Either way, none of it seemed to bother little man and he had a fun day seeing pumpkins, "helping mommy go shopping" and "going potty in the special potty"!

Do you have a fun (or funny) potty training story? Do you have any tips for nap-time or night-time potty training for me?

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