Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Wordless/Wordful Wednesday - Leaf Collecting

We have been going on a lot of walks to the park lately and the other day we let little man walk on his own for a good bit of the way home. Hubby and I started by holding his hand and then ...he found a leaf! It was amazing! It crunched when he stepped on it! He could pick it up and hold it! Oh wait...there's another ...and another ...and another! 

He had quite the collection by the time we were halfway home. It was so fun to watch him toddle around and hunt for leaves! 

But, eventually when leaf collecting in a homeward bound direction turned to a leaf collecting expedition back to the park, hubby scooped him up and I watched as one by one, little man let his leaves flutter out of his hands and float back to the ground until there were no more leaves left in his little hands. It was a wonderful day.

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