Saturday, February 12, 2011

GoGreen Pocket Diaper Review!

 I love discovering new cloth diapers! Call it a fluffy addiction if you must, but I just adore my little man's fluffy little tushy! I love finding cloth diapers that provide a perfectly snug fit, won't leak (within reason of course) and come in cute colors and/or prints. Oh, and did I mention that I love when a new diaper (or 2 or 4 or 5) won't break the bank?!

I recently had the opportunity to work with GoGreen Pocket Diapers and review the Techno Tushie

Little man is about 26lbs and is wearing this diaper on the medium setting

Isn't it an awesomely boy-ish print! 

I was so excited to get this diaper because hubby is in the AV (Audio Visual) business and the yellow dot graphics reminded me of  a sound board. You should have seen me beaming when I showed him little man's new "AV" diaper! 

It had a great "grip" around his legs, no matter what gymnastics little man was attempting, the fit was nice and snug. (no red marls either!)

This is one of the standard pocket GoGreen diapers and at $8.99 it is definitely priced to be a staple diaper in anyone's fluffy stash! Some of the features of this pocket diaper include:
  • Leak-proof exterior
  • Soft microsuede lining never pills, stays looking new
  • Ultra-absorbent 3-layer microfiber terry insert
  • 3 rows of rise adjustment snaps
  • Hip snaps to prevent "wing droop"
  • Waist tab overlap snaps for newborns/preemies (<--- one of my favorite diaper features!)
  So, this all sounds great, right? This diaper comes standard with some great features and is priced so that every family can afford cloth diapers. But, how does it hold up? Well, little man put this diaper to the test! Shortly after I put it on him, he went down for a nap. Now, normally, he naps for about 1 to maybe 2 hours. Well, he napped for 3 hours!!! (We kept checking the monitor to make sure he was ok, haha!) So when we heard his little babbles and conversational tidbits from the monitor, I told hubby, "he's probably going to have soaked right through that diaper. He's going to need fresh clothes." (he has been leaking fairly often at nap-time...time to bulk up those nap diapers) Well, we picked him up and wouldn't you know it, his clothes were dry! He hadn't leaked at all! I was super impressed!

I love our GoGreen Pocket Diaper! It washes beautifully, it is well made, I can get a great fit, it is impressively absorbent, it comes in an array of cute colors and prints and I LOVE the price! At $8.99, I can treat myself to some new fluff and not feel guily about it. I think that Go Green Pocket Diapers is an affordable resource for any cloth diapering family - whether you are new to cloth diapering and maybe aren't ready to make the financial "plunge" or you are on a tighter budget. With GoGreen Pocket Diapers you don't have to sacrifice style and function for price. It can definitely stand up to the test again any of the major cloth diaper brands out there. I sure wish I had discovered Go Green Pocket Diapers when I was first cloth diapering little man and beginning to build my stash!

Want to add some Go Green Pocket Diaper fluff to your little one's stash? You can shop for their products on their site. Make sure you check out their Facebook page and Twitter too!

Here are some of my other favorite Go Green Pocket Diapers
<3 The wet/dry bags are only $7.99! <3
Which are your favorites?

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