Thursday, February 3, 2011

Don't Mind Me if I Drool...

I love Etsy! I am constantly finding unique and wonderful new things! Look at these super-uber cutie handmade diaper covers that I found in the Olive Jane Designs Etsy shop

I have sterted to add fitted diapers to little man's diaper stash and have been on the hunt for some diaper covers. These are so cute that I wouldn't want to cover them up with pants! Thank goodness for So-Cal summers that will be here before I know it! I love that she has a nice selection for boys, because sometime I feel like it can be hard to find things that are "cute" and "boy-ish". These are my favorites from her shop and I just had to share!
Beets! Call me crazy, but ever since I first pureed beets for little man, I am constantly singing him my own made-up "Beet" song: "You got the beets, the beet, the beets, the got the beets!" Haha! sounds good to me and it makes him smile. :)
I love the black and gray damask with the sunshine yellow trim!
I'm a huge fan of anything with buses on it (my dad used to be a bus driver and still works for the same transit company) and little man loves cars!
Love swirly polka dots!
 Head on over to Olive Jane Designs and check out her adorable selection of handmade diaper covers! What's your favorite cover or other item from her shop? Do share! 

Happy Etsy Shopping!


  1. NO!!! Don't show me these! Have you also seen the new prints for the Blueberry covers? So darn cute for boys.

  2. Oh boy... I just went and looked at the new prints for the Blueberry covers! So cute! <3 the Stars and Owls!