Tuesday, February 15, 2011


You may have noticed (or maybe not) that now comments are numbered when you leave me a lovely little note or enter a giveaway. I must say that I am awfully proud of myself for figuring out how to do this - thank goodness for online tutorials! Well, this new addition came about because I mis-counted on the Pixiekids Toys giveaway. I can admit it... I made a mistake! I announced the wrong winner (whoopsie!) I had mis-counted and was off by one. My blogging newbie mistake was kindly pointed out to me by a fellow reader. I should have followed the age old advice of "count twice, announce once". So, since the mistake was completely and 100% mine, *blush* I contacted Pixiekids Toys in an effort to buy a second $10 Etsy gift certificate to her shop for the actual winner. Because, I really do want things to play out fairly here- I do my best and when I make a mistake, I try my best to set things right. well, Melisa emailed me back, saying she was so sorry for what had happened but that she would happily donate a second $10 gift certificate to the other winner!!! How wonderfully sweet is that!?! What a generous gesture to help fix the mistake that I had made. 

I am so relieved that things were worked out so smoothly and that there are now two happy readers who get to shop at Pixiekids Toys Etsy shop! On that note, I wanted to say that if you are on the hunt for cute, fun and well made felt toys or woodland creatures, definitely check out Pixiekids Toys! Melisa was so wonderful to work with and I know that her Etsy shop will be my shop for felt toys for little man!

Thank you again to my reader for pointing out my mistake and being so nice about it! I really do appreciate you emailing me! Thank you also to Melisa of Pixiekids Toys for being so sweet and generous!

Hopefully there won't be any other mistakes like this *fingers crossed* and now comments are numbered. I will do my best to not make any other mistakes like this, but, as I am human, feel free to email me if you catch a mistake! I promise, I won't bite!

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