Sunday, February 20, 2011

My Newest Etsy Score! Clutch = LOVE

I recently won a gift card to Hot Mama Handbags Etsy shop and I chose this fun-n-fab little gray damask clutch! I'm loving my clutch, so I thought I would share some pictures of my newest accessory!
It came in the mail a couple days ago and I just love it! The colors matches pretty much everything I own - can't go wrong with black and grays! Then when you open the clutch you get a cheery little pop of teal! It reminds me that spring is right around the corner!

It really came at the perfect time for me, because sometimes I run to the store really quickly without little man (*gasp* I know, it doesn't happen often, but sometimes it does) and I don't need to lug my big-ol diaper bag with me. Now I have somewhere cute to stash my wallet (I love that this clutch is actually big enough to put my honkin' wallet in) and I still have room for my phone and keys!

I also just love that it zips closed - keeping everything nice and safe and right where it belongs. :)

It is also perfect to tuck in my diaper bag with a spare diaper or two for when I am out and about with little man! 

My new Hot Mama Handbag clutch it is fun and bold and I LOVE that it is handmade!

Do you have a fun, non-diaper bag purse that you keep your wallet and other necessities in or does your diaper bag go with you everywhere?   

*This is not a sponsored review, this is solely my opinion. I received a gift card from a giveaway that I won and this is the clutch that I purchased with the gift card.* 

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