Saturday, June 26, 2010

7 Months of Getting to Know My Little Man! What a Blessing!

It really seems like it was only last month that my son was born! I honestly cannot believe how quickly time has flown by since the moment my son came into this world. I have done my best to savor the moments, even the not so fun ones. I love looking back through the pictures I have of him from the first pictures at the hospital all the way through seven months...he's getting so big! Sometimes I forget that he's not 3 months anymore and while hunting through his closet I have been known to grab a 3 month pair of shorts and think to myself, "These are so big! He'll fit into these!" Then, as I try to wrestle them on onto my sons long and lean body, I have to tell myself that, no, he really isn't 3 months anymore and no matter how big those shorts look, they're not going on him!

At 7 months, my son is learning so much every day. I feel like he really is trying to take the whole world in when he observes things. He has the greatest smile and snortle-laugh and no one can make him laugh like his daddy! He already has an opinion about almost everything and he lets me know what he likes and doesn't like! He loves to sit (with some support) and play "ball" as he launches his toy ball away from himself and then as I put it back in his lap, he loves to pick it up and try to shove it in his mouth. No amount of reasoning can convince him that this toy ball will NOT fit in his mouth. Everything goes in my sons mouth! Haha! He is teething and drooling and every toy within his eyesight belongs in how mouth. I love that he loves being read to! He will reach for his stack of books and I know that he's ready to sit in my lap and listen to story time. That time is precious to me. Sitting might be interesting to my son, but crawling, now that's another story! My little man is not a fan of tummy time, actually, he never has been. I think being on his stomach frustrates him. But, right now, he goes from sitting on my lap to launching himself over my leg to a tummy-time-like position. He is happy there or if I hold his body up over the blanket in said tummy-time-like position. But, if I put him down on his own tummy, cries of protest are not far off! I'm not sure if he's lazy unmotivated or just gets frustrated by the fact that he is not mobile yet. Either way, I'm secretly glad that he's not crawling all over the house yet. Rolling around, he's got that one down, but crawling is not on the menu for him today. All of these things and more make me love and cherish each day that I get to spend with my son. I am so thankful that my husband works so hard so that I can stay home to play, interact and love on my little man. I know I am a lucky mama! 

How my son has grown! From the day he was born, he was full of surprises! He was 2 weeks early and I went into labor out of town! My husband and I were just finishing a photo shoot of my 9 month photos with my best friend who is also a photographer. We were headed down from the mountain and a "pick your own apple/pumpkin farm" when all of a sudden, my water broke! Luckily my husbands family all lived nearby, so we were able to call for directions to the nearest hospital! 
 Guess I was in labor and didn't know it!

12 hours later, Michael was born on November 12, 2009!  

Back home for good after having to go back to the hospital when he was 4 days old for severe jaundice. :(
Snuggling with grandpa at only 13 days old!

One Month old

Two Months old (little blurry, but there's that smile!)

Thee Months old

Four Months old (and his first day in a cloth diaper! A BG 3.0)

Five Months (wearing a onesie that says: Does this diaper make my butt look big")

Six Months old (and the first time going to the pool!)

Seven Months old (and playing with his ball!)

My husband and I are so wonderfully blessed and we are so amazed by Michael! We love our little man so much and have cherished all the smiles, cuddles, feeding times, play times, bath time is one of the most fun parts of the day, along with the nightly reading of "I Love You Stinky Face" and yes, I even have a fond place in my heart for the tears and sleepless nights... 
I can not believe that Michael has been on the "outside" for 7 months already! We are over half way to a year with him! I can not wait for all the fun and the learning experiences that await us tomorrow!

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