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My Pregnancy Journal: 34 Weeks

Happenings of the Harper Household

I've been linking up with the “My Pregnancy Journal” meme over at Happenings of the Harper Household. She has since had her little girl (Yay!), but I still wanted to continue to keep a pregnancy journal. I'm excited to keep  sharing and journaling some of my weekly symptoms and photographing my growing belly!

  34 Weeks!

Less than 2 months to go!!! At 34 weeks, baby boy has graduated to the size of a butternut squash. He is weighs approximately 4.2 pounds to 5.8 pounds and measures about 17.2 to 18.7 inches. Not much change, weight-wise since last week, but he's making up for that in other ways! When he is awake, our baby butternut can hear my voice fairly well and some say that the music they hear while they are on the "inside" can help soothe them once they are on the "outside". No wonder little man is such a big Beatles fan! We'll see if baby boy #2 is a fan of Jack Johnson and Dave Matthews Band. :) He may also be making his way further down into my pelvis this week. Although, I think he is just growing out - my belly seems to really be popping out! 
 About me & baby boy this week….
Symptoms:  Some common symptoms at this point are fatigue, swollen ankles & feet, pressure lower in the pelvis and blurry vision. Well, I have some of the fatigue and pressure in my lower pelvis for sure (and by lower pelvis, I mean my bladder!). I have to go to the bathroom more and more often. Usually it goes something like this: Oh, hmmm... I kinda have to go to the bathroom, again. Well, I just went, maybe I can wait a little longer. (2 minutes later) Nope, I need to go now
I am definitely more tired in the evenings and mornings. I find myself ready to shut my brain down and go curl up in bed much earlier than I'm used too. Although, once I'm in bed, I have a hard time actually getting comfortable and going to sleep. I'm waking up a couple times throughout the night to go to the bathroom, so by the time little man comes into our room to ask us if it's morning yet...I'm still sooo sleepy! It has been nice having hubby back home from traveling for work, because he will usually take little man downstairs and let me get some extra zzzz's. I love it! Other than that, I have gotten heartburn 3 times this week and headaches that accompany them. I have never really had heartburn and it is definitely no fun! A cup of red raspberry leaf tea usually helps soothe it though. Then a soak in the tub or a neck rub from hubby will help to get rid of the headache. Thankfully I haven't experienced any swollen feet or ankles or blurred vision (although all I need to do is take out  my contacts for that, haha!) I am so thankful that while I am experiencing some discomfort, I really have had an easy pregnancy and pretty minimal symptoms!

Weight Gain: I am up to 159.9lbs. and have gained 34.9lbs so far! This last time I stepped on the scale, I decided that I not longer like it and informed the scale that it is no longer my friend. ;) 

Cravings: Fruit, fruit and more fruit. Oranges top the list right now and we are headed to the farmers market tomorrow to see what kind of citrus I can find. Also, dairy sounds pretty good to me too, like cottage cheese or kefir. 

Food Aversions: Not too many. While I am craving some dairy products, yogurt doesn't sound too great to me. Also, eggs are still iffy. I like eating them in the morning, they just can't be plain. I need an english muffin and avocado with it or in a tortilla with salsa or as a quiche. Something to disguise the "egg-iness".
What made me cry this week:  I actually did really well this week! Maybe it is because hubby has been home for a bit now. :)

Medical Stuff: Nothing new. I have my next midwife appointment on Tuesday though!  

Thoughts from little man:  He continues to talk about my "big belly" and give it pats. It sometimes turns into a hill for his submarine to drive on too! Little man is talking a bit more about his new little brother in mommy's belly. Sometimes he seems happy about it and then sometimes he goes through times of denial that a baby is coming. A few times, he has said that he wants to be a baby again - "I'm not a big boy, I'm a baby!" or that he wants to wear diapers again. I think he sees us getting the crib ready and the diapers and clothes coming out and knows that change is coming. I think it's pretty normal, but we try to reassure him that we love him and that he'll always be my baby, even if he's not tiny anymore. Then he'll turn the tides and say, "I'm not a baby!" ...hmmmm, I think he's just being 2! :) Haha!

Something I am excited about: Working on the nursery, drawing out some plans for where things are going to go, scouring Pinterest for diy projects! I feel like a have a list a mile long of things that I want to do and decorate. It all seems completely possible to accomplish (even though I know in my head that, logically, doing all of that is not actually feasible). I think that is just part of my nesting stage. I love the nesting feeling! 

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