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Avishi Organics Review! {Giveaway Coming Soon!}

Avishi Organics was developed by a mother who was having a difficult time finding products that were non-toxic, therapeutic and effective at soothing and repairing skin. Avishi Organics was developed with the mindset of being 100% pure, concentrated in an effort to deliver the maximum benefit, using traditionally revered and therapeutic ingredients and most importantly, using ingredients that worked!

The Mission of Avishi Organics:
"We believe that healthy skin for mamas and babies can be achieved without the use of harmful chemicals found in typical skincare products. And we believe that natural formulations can be potent, effective and results-driven. Purity matters, but so do results.  That is why our products are made from 100% natural ingredients that are renowned for their therapeutic and regenerative powers for skin that is radiant and glowing with good-health."
I was so happy to be able to review the Avishi Organic Intensive Repair Oil and it truly came at the perfect time! I have been using it for almost 2 months and it has been really soothing. Initially, I used it once a day, usually before bed time. Once a day was definitely plenty to keep my skin free of itchy-ness. Hubby even commented the other day at how smooth and nice my belly looked. :) I am starting to notice though, that as cooler weather is starting to settle in, my belly is getting a little itchy on the sides. I think it is time to start upping my usage to twice a day! 

I have actually had stretch marks since the end of high school. I don't know why I got them then, but I did. They decided to make their appearance on my inner thighs and my butt. It has never really bothered me, because no one really sees that area (well, except for hubby, of course). With my first pregnancy, I didn't notice any more stretch marks, but with this pregnancy I sure have! They seemed to grow and spread right away too! Within the first trimester I noticed that I had stretch marks on my hips and even more on my butt. So, I have definitely been working on that area with the Intensive Repair Oil! I would say that I haven't noticed that they've gone away, but they're no longer spreading (which is good!). I also think that the newer ones on my hips aren't quite as noticeable anymore. I know it's vanity to not want the stretch marks, but gosh darn it, I was ok with a few on my inner thigh and butt, but once they started creeping up my hips, my self-consciousness really kicked in. I'm still working on accepting them. ;) I am thankful that the Intensive Repair Oil seems to be helping my skin be more elastic and nourished as it stretches, since I haven't noticed any new stretch marks since I've started using it. My hope is that as I continue to use it, my skin will just keep looking nicer and nicer! 
I really like how quickly it absorbs and feels like it has dried into my skin. It goes on quickly and I haven't had any issues with it transferring to my clothing. It also has a very nice and light lavender scent to it that is very soothing. Another use that I found for it is for the skin on my face. I have always had oily skin. I mean, it looks like there is an oil slick on my face by the afternoon. Blech. It was never fun, but I knew how to deal with oily skin and manage it, fairly well. Over the past couple of months though, I have noticed that my skin is getting drier and drier! Then I noticed dry, flaky, red patches - especially on my cheeks and forehead! I was at a loss of how to relieve my skin, when one day, I happened to glance at the box that my Intensive Repair Oil came in and I saw that it could be used on "dry, dull. uneven facial skin". Hello! Why had I not noticed that before? I was actually really nervous to put an "oil" product on my face, since I had dealt with oily skin for so long, but my skin was in some serious need of help. So, I put some on my fingertips and gently rubbed it in and my skin just slurped it up! I was actually in a bit of shock that my skin was that dry. I use it almost every evening and have definitely noticed a difference in the skin on my face. The redness is simmering down and the dry, flaky skin is starting to look better too! I'm just sorry that it took about a month of using it on the rest of my prego body before I realized that I could use it on my face.
I really love that I can feel good about using the Avishi Organics on my skin while I am pregnant and also continue to use it while nursing and postpartum. The Intensive Repait Oil is free of "synthetic fragrances, parabens, ureas, petrochemicals, sulfates, mineral oil, DEA/MEA/TEA, synthetic colors and other harmful additives." I really appreciate that they have chosen to create a product to really nourish and heal skin, in a healthy and safe way. It feels good knowing that what I am putting on my body won't harm myself or my new little guy!
Interested in having some of Avishi Organics Intensive Repair Oil to pamper your growing belly with? You can BUY the Intensive Repair Oil directly from the Avishi Organics website. (ARV $38.50)

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Thank you to Avishi Organics for providing me with the opportunity to host this review at no cost to myself. The item was sent to me free of charge for review and has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Avishi Organics for sponsoring this review!

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