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Zookies Diaper Covers - The Origional & A NEW, Trimmer Cover: Comparison/Review

A little while back (during the Flats and Handwashing Challenge), I had the wonderful opportunity to try out and review Zookies Diaper Covers for the first time. I loved my Zookies cover so much that I bought another one in the one-size design and Michele was so sweet and found some more hedgehog fabric to make my cover with! I love the one-size design! I love how adjustable it is on the rise and that the cover was roomy enough to use a variety of flats and prefolds in it. It is especially great for nap-time! 

The Original One-Size Design that I bought:

Well, a few weeks ago, I found out that I had won a Zookies Diaper Cover from a giveaway that I entered awhile back! Wow! Yay! So, I emailed Michele, we chatted a bit and I let her know two fabrics that I really liked from her website. While we were chatting, Michele asked me if I would be able to give her with some feedback on some revisions she had done to the one-size diaper. Michele had been getting a lot of feedback that the diaper covers were TOO roomy and a bit on the large side for most babies. While her first one-size diaper covers were successfully tested on 8lb. twins, others thought they were huge. So Michele trimmed down the one-size diaper just a bit. After making a few adjustments and settling on her revisions, Michele wanted to know if she sent me a new trim version, if I could let her know what I though about it?  Of course! I love my Zookies covers and Michele has been so fantastic to talk to and work with. I was definitely more than happy to help out!

Michele surprised me by sending me the new, trim one-size diaper in the hedgehog print again! Yay! I was delighted when I opened my package! Isn't it just adorable?

 So, I got my new, trim one-size Zookies cover and I got my older, one-size cover and decided to compare them, one right after the other. I used a Flip insert with both covers, since Michele was looking to see if the new style was a bit trimmer. I set both diapers to the medium setting for little man.
This is the new cover on top of the older cover. You can see it is a little smaller.

Here is the first cover with a Flip insert in it:
Here is the new cover with a Flip insert in it:
The Flip cover definitely fits more precisely in the newer cover

When all snapped up and wrapped around little man, I also noticed a difference in the length around the waist

This is the first diaper cover - No extra snap here! I love that Michele added the crossover snap option!
Notice how there is an extra snap showing in the middle on the new trimmer style cover

I love that in both the original cover and  with the new cover, I didn't feel that I lost any of the length in the rise. Little man has a long torso and has grown out of a couple of his one-size diapers because their rise wasn't high enough. Here are some pictures of little man in both diapers from the side and back. You can see how the original style has plenty of room is the tushy area and is a little baggy. I think that this is great if you are using different inserts for a more absorbent diaper (some fitteds, multiple inserts, prefolds, etc). The newer style definitely has a little extra room for more padding (maybe slightly bulkier insert/flat diaper/prefold), but I think that it is noticeably trimmer.

Here are some pictures of little man modeling the original style cover:

  Here are some of the newer, trimmer style:

Overall, I think that the new version of the one-size is indeed trimmer. It is smaller by just enough that I think it removes some of the "saggy-ness" from the tushy area. I think that they previous design is perfect for when you need to stuff thicker inserts in, like big prefolds or a fitted diaper. It works great for having plenty of room for nap-time/night-time absorbtion needs. The new, trimmer style though is much better for thinner inserts and even flats. It is perfect for when you don't need quite so much extra fluff stuffed into a cover. I think that the new style is trimmed up just enough (at least for little man) while still retaining enough length on the rise. I still love my older style Zookies, but I think the new, trimmer styling to the Zookies cover is great and will likely fit a greater variety of little ones with an average insert in it.

Thank you again Michele! I love my hedgehog print Zookies Diaper Covers and thank you so much for letting me test your new, trim diaper cover for you! 

Interested in getting a Zookies Diaper Cover or another fun goody for your little one? You can shop for Zookies of their Website or their Etsy Shop! XS Diaper covers are $10 and Small, Medium and Large Diaper Covers range from $13-15. One size diapers are $17.00. You can even have Zookies take your favorite fabric and make it into a diaper cover -  Sized covers are $9.50 plus shipping and one size are $11.50 plus shipping. 

You can also connect with Zookies on their blog or on Facebook
Special thanks to Zookies for the one-size Diaper Cover! The item was sent to me free of charge as a prize that I won from a giveaway. This has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Michele of  Zookies!

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