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Ecomom Review - Pangea Organics, Supergoop, Egyptian Magic & CleanWell

  I love Ecomom! Ecomom is a fabulous site to shop from for eco-friendly items for your family and home. They are wonderful to work with as well, which is why I was so excited when I got the opportunity to partner with Ecomom again to being you another review!

    I loved using all of the samples that Ecomom sent me! What a treat!
    Here's what I thought of them: 

    The Balancing Oil is a unique combination of essential oils and base oils. It is chock-full of antioxidants and vitamins that nourish and protect that delicate skin on your face. The Balancing Oil has been created to work well with all skin types and it has a pleasant, yet pretty "earthy" scent to it. The oil felt similar to a massage oil, except maybe a little dryer (if that makes sense) and I wouldn't mind using it all over as a massage oil! Now that would be a treat!  

    I have to admit, when I read the word "oil", I did not think that it would work well on me. I have combination/oily skin and I have a tough time keeping everything in check, especially during the summer months. But, I did read that the Balancing Oil is supposed to work with your natural oils to balance your skin. So, I washed my face, swiped some toner across my face and applied the Balancing Oil to my face. My skin sucked up the Balancing Oil like water in the Mojave Desert! What?! I have been told that my skin overproduces oil partially because I have areas of dryness and sensitivity. (which I never really understood) I guess they were right though! I never would have thought to try using an oil to balance out the areas of oiliness and dryness. My skin looked very smooth afterwards and I think that was my skin's way of thanking me for the vitamin, "skin food" I had just given it. I was amazed that my skin didn't look oily at all and actually felt pretty matte. I would love to be able to use the Balancing Oil on a more regular basis!

    This Facial Cream is all about protecting and nourishing skin. (More skin-food!) The ingredients just sound lovely too: Argan Oil, Evening Primrose Oil, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Rice Bran Extract and Shea Butter. These are ingredients that have plenty of vitamins and antioxidants to spare, anti-inflammatory properties, and natural sun protecting properties. (Sounds like the perfect cocktail for someone living in Southern California!) 

    I loved the way that this facial cream smelled! It was soothing and  relaxing, yet had an earthy spice to it. It was perfect to smooth on before bedtime. This facial cream is for those with normal to combination skin and I felt that it really helped the appearance of my skin. It had a very creamy, rich texture that went on smoothly - it didn't feel heavy at all as it was being absorbed. Once it was absorbed, I felt that my skin was a little sticky/tacky rather than matte. But, I also felt that it reduced the redness that I have on my cheeks and cheekbone area. 

    Pangea Organics Italian White Sage - Geranium & Yarrow Shower Gel
    This shower gel was just heavenly - the scent was so rejuvenating, it made our whole bathroom smell nice! The Pangea Organics shower gels are designed to get you clean and be clean at the same time. They are made without synthetic preservatives, sulfates or detergents of any kind. Yay! Nothing but the good stuff! This makes it thicker than your average shower gel, so a little definitely goes a long way! 
     Egyptian Magic is about as all-natural and simple as you can get for an all-purpose cream! It has just 6 ingredients:  Olive oil, Beeswax, Honey, Bee Pollen, Royal Jelly and Propolis Extract. Egyptian Magic is based off of a formula that has been around for more than 2,000 years! It definitely stood the test of time as a go-to essential! People have been using Egyptian Magic for everything - for skin, hair, lips. I think it would be a treat for my worn out tired Southern California  tootsies that walk around in sandals (almost) all year long!  

    Little man actually got to benefit from this sample! Nightly, I would rub some into his arms and back where he had broken out with some contact dermatitis/eczema. The Egyptian Magic cream is pale in color and it glides easily onto skin. It took just a couple of minutes to fully absorb and little man's skin was so soft after! The scent was very natural - it smelled just like beeswax and olive oil. It was a nice treat for me to rub the leftover cream into my hands after I was done giving little man a massage - my hands felt so buttery! Even though I just had the sample size, I think that it worked great at soothing little man's skin and I would love to have a tub of it to use every day on his skin!

    CleanWell wipes are made with essential plant oils that kill 99.99% of those icky, pesky germs that can make you sick. They are 100% poison free as well as being free of toxic, synthetic chemicals. There are no artificial fragrances or alcohol and the are 100% biodegradable. Most importantly, the CleanWell wipes are safe for kids! 

    I received one individually packaged CleanWell Sanitizing Wipe in their Original scent (they also have an Orange Vanilla scent....mmmm...can we say creamsicle?). It sure did come in handy last weekend when we went to the farmer's market! I had to change little man's diaper and the nearest bathroom was not They did have a changing table, which my mom and I wiped down with paper towels (thank goodness for changing mats!) and then after the diaper change, I opened up the CleanWell Sanitizing Wipe and used it on little man's hands, arms and legs! It was so handy to have, it smelled clean and fresh with a hint of herbs to it, it was safe to use on little man (no icky chemicals to worry about!) and I felt good knowing that little man was (for the most part) germ free! I also think that these would be handy to if you were playing with your little ones at a park and wanted to freshen up before having a picnic or they would also be great when you're grocery shopping and you want to wipe down the cart before putting your little one in. 
    The Supergoop SPF 30 is great! It is a lightweight and water-resistant sunscreen that is perfect for face and body. It is ideal for all skin types and suitable for children 4 months of age and up. I really, really love Supergoop sunscreen! It may sound like it should be thick and sticky and hard to rub in, but it is the complete opposite! It rubs in effortlessly (which is ideal for a wiggly little man who would rather be doing anything else than getting sunscreen applied to all exposed limbs) and it doesn't leave funny white streaks behind! I actually loved the sample tube that I received - it held a deceptively large amount of sunscreen and it was the perfect size to keep with me in the diaper bag. It definitely came in handy a couple times when we made an impromptu trip to the park or the pool! It was so easy to apply and it is definitely a summer "must-have" for my diaper bag!

    I am so pleased with all of the items that I had the opportunity to review! I was so pleasantly surprised by the Pangea Organics Cream and Balancing Oil (I am keeping my fingers crossed that they are a Daily Deal item in the future), the Egyptian Magic was truly a buttery kind of "magic" on little man's skin, the CleanWell wipes are a real lifesaver (and I'm a cloth wipe gal) when things are just too grimy and questionable and the Supergoop is an easy to apply sunscreen that I definitely plan on keeping on hand for days at the pool or beach this summer! I have always been so happy with the items that I have reviewed or purchased from Ecomom. They stand out as an eco-conscious company in everything they do, they have wonderful customer service, fast shipping and I love knowing that they have done the research to find the best products for their customers. I know if I'm buying something from Ecomom, I can rest assured that it is a good and safe product for my family. 

    Interested in shopping at Ecomom for some of the items that I reviewed?
    The Pangea Organics Himalayan Geranium & Pomegranate Balancing Oil is $50. The Pangea Organics Nigerian Ginger - Sweet Lavender & Thyme Facial Cream is $36.  Ecomom doesn not currently have the the Pangea Organics Italian White Sage - Geranium & Yarrow Shower Gel on their site (av. value $16), but they do have the Pangea Organics Italian White Sage - Geranium & Yarrow Hand Soap, which is $14. The Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream is $29.99. A 40-Ct. canister of CleanWell Hand Sanitizer Wipes is $4.99. Doctor T's Supergoop Everyday Spray SPF 30 is $19.50.

    Special thanks to EcoMom for sending me the above samples to review! The items were sent to me free of charge for review and has not influenced my opinion of the product. I have sought to give my honest opinions and experiences on this product. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely my own. Thank you again to Ecomom!

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