Friday, March 11, 2011

My Precious Kid - the best in baby gear for your little one

We have recently "expanded" little man's space. We wanted to give him some more freedom and be able to spend more time between mama's legs in the kitchen! Haha! Now we just have the front living room and stairs gated off and boy does he love it! Little man is running and exploring every square inch of available free space. With these new found freedom, also comes some new safety worries. We have all the "dangerous" cupboards (you know, those with cleaners, electrical things, breakables, sharp objects) equipped with baby locks and the outlets covered. But, I have found that he is going to figure out how to open the oven soon, it won't be long until he can reach to the stove top and that the bottom freezer sure is tempting for him to try to figure out how to open! So, there are definitely still some things I would like to add to our baby safety collection. Now don't get me wrong, I don't mind that he gets into the pot holder and towel drawers and pulls them out. I don't mind that I find toys tucked in with the cookie sheets and tupperware (I actually think it is kinda cute). Still, sometimes, it would be nice if he couldn't get into some of those drawers or leave his fingerprints all over the tv. 
I recently found out about a site called, My Precious Kid (which I discovered through Facebook) and they specialize in the best in baby gear for your little one. Their mission is to "Make Child Safety Easy"! They really have a wonderful selection of Home Safety products. I was looking through their site and I would love to get these nice Outlet Covers! we currently use the cheap-o plugs and when you take them out to plug something in, you have to remember to put them out of little mans reach because they're a choking hazard!

Here's a little info from their website - CHILD SAFETY & BABY GEAR STORE
My Precious Kid Child protect your children and give you peace of mind. We have products for your baby, children, adults, pets, the elderly, and children with special needs. Is your child safe and protected? Lets us help protect your family. Child Safety is our priority!

My Precious Kid Child protect your children and give you peace of mind. We have products for your baby, children, adults, pets, the elderly, and children with special needs. carries wearable ID bracelets for children plus products for childproofing, baby gear, potty training, cloth diapers, home safety, baby sleep, baby feeding and safety education. We carry cloth diaper brands: Blueberry, Swaddlebees, Weehuggers, Knickernappies, Thirsties, BumGenus, and Flip. We have baby carrier brands: Ergo Baby, Moby Wrap and Baby K'Tan. We also carry Sunshine Kids Radian Car Seats and Monterey Booster Seats. We “Make Child Safety Easy”.

"The argument can be made that there is no higher parenting priority than to keep our precious children safe. And when it comes to kid safety, is one step ahead of the game. My Precious Kid specializes in child safety products and baby gear." By

My Precious Kid has over so many useful products and their site is also a great resource for doing some safety research! I love that they also sell cloth diapers and cloth diapering accessories! I know that I have really appreciated being able to look through their site and hunt for some safety items that we need to help keep little man out of harms way...and of course, there are some things on my wish-list too! 

So if you are on the hunt for gear for your little one, safety items, a new car seat or some new fluffy cloth diapers, make sure you head over to My Precious Kid to do some shopping! You can also stop by their Facebook page - they are very helpful and willing to answer all your questions!

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