Monday, March 28, 2011

Ecomom's Healthy Home Makeover Contest!

 I love Ecomom - they are a fabulous eco-conscious company with wonderful customer service, they have a wealth of green tips and products on their site. I love shopping on the Ecomom site, because I know that what I buy from their site will be a quality item that is safe for my family and home. They are truly a company that I can stand behind.

Have you been to the Ecomom website lately? Did you notice that they recently got a new look for their site! Well, along with the launch of the new Ecomom site comes some celebration - the Healthy Home Makeover Contest! Ecomom is kicking off their celebration with a huge event that begins March 28, 2011 and ends on Sunday, April 24, 2011. The Healthy Home Makeover Contest will "...transform a lucky family's home with $75,000 worth of eco-friendly, money saving, healthy products including appliances, organic foods, skincare, water filters, toys, home decor, cleaning products and more." The grand prize will be custom created by ecomom's team of experts just for the winner! How wonderful would that be! It would be like swimming in a sea of eco-friendly goodness! I know I would be one happy mama!!! 

Want to enter for your chance to win a Healthy Home Makeover! Well, here's what you need to do:
  • Upload a picture of your family and tell Ecomom, in 100 words or less, "Why I Want to Win Ecomoms Healthy Home Makeover."
  • Share with friends and family to get votes
Pretty easy huh? 

At the end of the contest, the 20 families with the most votes will be judged by the Ecomom panel of experts and they will pick the very lucky winner of the Healthy Home Makeover.

I have already put my entry in! You should too! If you decide to enter because you read about this contest on my blog, I would love it if you would let Ecomom you heard about their contest here and enter my blogs name (The Little Hedgehog - ) on your entry form. If you leave me a comment, I would be more than happy to go and vote for a fellow reader! I would also really appreciate it if you would head over and read my entry and vote for me!  

Good luck to all of my readers who enter this contest!  

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  1. Sarah! Thank you for so much for supporting and spreading the word.